Chinese Man dragged out of hotel room for loud sex with a screamer

A Chinese man identified as Lei Mou was dragged out of his hotel room for having really loud sex with a woman who witnesses described as screaming like a banshee giving birth to a wolf.

According to a local news report, the excited woman made it difficult for other guests to enjoy a good night sleep at the hotel located in Beihai, Guanxi, China.

One businessman named Zhang was the first to visit the couple’s room. He knocked at their door to caution them but a furious and supercharged Lei lost his temper and rained serious blows on him.

The “superman” then went back to catch his fun but the fight with Zhang aroused pity and rage from other hotel guests who saw Lei’s action as arrogant.

Moments later, lodgers who couldn’t take more of the indecent noise, gathered in front of the couple’s room for a prompt action. They took the law into their own hand by breaking down the door.

The angry crowd at the hotel dragged “Superman Lei Mou” out from his room and ensured he remained on the corridor so other people could enjoy a peaceful night.

Surprisingly, the police arrived at the scene and asked Zhang [the intruder] to pay a total sum of 15,000 yuan (£1,800) to “superman Lei” as compensation.

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