Donald Trump Predicts EU Will Collapse.

The U.S. Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has predicted the European Union will collapse in the near future, Vanguard reports. He went ahead warning Scotland against the risks of a second independence referendum.

Trump was in Scotland a few hours after Britain opted to leave the EU in a historic referendum. During his time in the country, he found time to campaign with the political events but received a backlash from critics immediately, prompting Twitter to deactivate the post.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee said that without strict migration controls Europe would be recognizable within a decade.

In an interview with the Times, Trump said: “The people have spoken. I think the EU is going to break up. I think the EU might break up before anybody thinks in terms of Scotland.

“I really think that without the immigration issue [the EU] wouldn’t have had a chance of breaking up … the people are fed up, whether it’s here or in other countries. You watch: other countries will follow.”

Trump’s campaign has been controversial due to his stand on enacting laws that will impose a temporary ban on all Muslims entering the US.

Worse still, his plan to erect a wall on the US-Mexican border has been an open wound to many critics who think his general ideology on immigration is discriminatory.

“I would not allow them in. I would help them but I would have to bring them back and maybe create safe zones over there in some form,” was his statement when asked about how he could reduce the large number of immigrants fleeing to southern Europe.

“You’re going to have to. You cannot allow this to happen to Europe. It would be so much easier for me to tell you: ‘Oh, I’d accept them with open arms,’ but Europe is not going to be recognizable in 10 years.”

Trump said Barack Obama’s intervention in the EU referendum campaign, when the president warned that Britain would be back of the queue for a trade deal with the US, was “negative”, and promised to prioritize the country in a future deal, Vanguard reported.

While he gave assurances that the special relationship with the US would continue with England, Scotland and Northern Ireland independently, he urged caution against breaking up the UK. “One thing I have to say about Scotland is they have to be careful. The oil price is down and those [Scottish revenue] numbers are a lot different when the oil prices are down.”

He added that the thought of going through another disruptive independence referendum so soon “is very sad”.