Belgium Bombers To Be Identified.

This image from the Brussels Airport surveillance cameras made available by Belgian Police, shows what officials believe may be suspects in the Brussels airport attack on March 22, 2016. The Belgian state prosecutor said in a press conference on Tuesday, that a photograph of three male suspects was taken at Zaventem. “Two of them seem to have committed suicide attacks. The third, wearing a light-colored jacket and a hat, is actively being sought,” the prosecutor said.

Najim Laachraoui and Ibrahim El Bakraoui (circled)

Belgian authorities admit they’re still struggling to identify the men behind this week’s terrorist attacks.

They had originally identified one of the three suspects in the surveillance footage at the Brussels airport as Najim Laachraoui.

However, they’ve since backtracked, as they’re not sure whether he was one of the suicide bombers who attacked the airport.

Belgian authorities say they are confident the other suicide bomber is Ibrahim El Bakraoui, a 29-year-old born in Brussels.

As the identification process continues, life is slowly returning to normal in Brussels.

While air-traffic remains suspended in Brussels, public transportation has resumed in the city.

However, nerves remain rattled across Europe.

Tuesday’s attack in Brussels has prompted renewed calls by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker for approval of a European Union Passenger Name Record to monitor travellers moving within the EU.

“I continue to believe that if all the governments in their wisdom had followed the propositions of the Commission the situation wouldn’t be this which we are experiencing today. Yes, we need PNR [Passenger Name Record]. The Commission proposed it, France wished for it and in a certain way pushed the Commission to do it. Now the solution of the problem is in the hands of the European parliament.”

The PNR database would include names, travel dates, itineraries, ticket details and baggage information of passengers.

Critics of the database say the database would be an invasion of people’s privacy.

It’s being reported Ibrahim El Bakraoui was detained at Turkey’s border with Syria last summer.

Turkish officials claim he was then deported to the Netherlands.

However, Dutch authorities freed him after Belgian authorities couldn’t establish any ties to terrorism.

Tuesday’s bombings at the airport in Brussels, as well as a metro station in the city, left 35 people dead and over 200 others hurt.