Arizona judge drops last election-related case

An Arizona judge Friday dismissed the last election-related case pending in the state, saying that because only two voters were involved, its outcome would not have changed Joe Biden’s win. 

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Margaret Mahoney did not provide further details on her ruling but said she’d be issuing an order in writing, reports The Arizona Republic.

In the lawsuit, voters Laurie Aguilera and Donovan Drobina alleged that their ballots had been mishandled. Aguilera had also been involved in a lawsuit, which has since been dropped, against the county concerning the use of Sharpies on the ballot. 

In the case that was dropped Friday, Aguilera said she tried to vote with her husband, but the tabulator didn’t display a confirmation of her ballot like it did for her husband.

She said the Arizona poll workers then refused to allow her to have a new ballot, and that the county’s election website didn’t indicate that she voted, but showed her husband did. 

Drobina said in his affidavit that a tabulator rejected his ballot when he tried to insert it, and after that, a poll worker suggested he put the ballot in a slot to be tabulated by individual election workers. 

Attorney Alexander Kolodin, who represented both plaintiffs, said Drobina’s ballot shouldn’t have been reviewed by election officials and that state law requires machines to “record correctly and count accurately every vote cast.”

Thursday, a lawsuit from the Arizona Republican Party alleging the county violated state law by allowing voters to cast ballots at any polling center in the county rather than in a particular district was dropped by Maricopa County Superior Court Judge John Hannah. 

He said the request for an audit of the county’s results would likely have delayed the vote tallies being certified. 

Biden won in Arizona by slightly more than 10,000 votes. The state will certify the election results on Nov. 30.