Unknown Nigerian man in China found dead in his room after a week-long search (Graphic Image Included)

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Nigerians, home and in diaspora, are hereby implored to show a gesture of goodwill in helping find the family of this young man who died in his room but was not discovered until five days later.

He had no passport on him, and police are calling on anyone who might recognize him, to help reach his family immediately.

The Nigerian community in China says no one knows his real names, family members, community, local government or state.

Media reports confirm he went missing about a week ago and was never spotted anywhere until police broke into his apartment yesterday.

Image from Instablog shows the young Nigerian man whose cause of death remains unknown.

“Please help us notify the public if anyone knows this guy,” the Nigerian community wrote.

“He lives in China. We found him dead this morning in his apartment. He already died five days ago in his apartment no one knows till this morning we went to his apartment with Chinese police to break into his apartment to find him already dead and body already decaying.

“Please help us notify public if anyone knows him let him or her contact Nigeria community in China for further details.

“We don’t know his name that’s why want to notify public about it to help us identify the body,” the message added.

“He doesn’t have any passport or any ID in his house like we’ve searched and can’t find one…”

The netizen who posted this information online said the deceased is known only by his first name Buchi.

According to the Instablog user, some of Buchi’s friends feared he could be in danger about one week ago after he disappeared without notice, so they started looking for him and making inquiries.

May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

Click here to watch a Facebook video of how the Chinese police broke into Buchi’s apartment.

All concerned Nigerians should please use the contact details below:


TEL: +86-10 65323631 / 2 / 3 
FAX: +86-10 65321650 

EMAIL: beijing@ngembassy.org

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