‘A woman can’t be submissive if she’s the breadwinner,’ says Nigerian actress Ronke Oshodi

Ronke Oshodi, a household name in Nigeria’s movie industry, has made it clear that she holds no respect for men who aren’t financially independent.

In her latest interview with Broadway TV, the chubby Nollywood actress bluntly said she won’t be submissive to any man, if she cooks as a the culture demands from women and still has to pay the bills.

Image: Ronke Oshodi

Also known as Ronke Ojo-Gbolahan and popularly addressed as Oshodi-Oke, the Lagos-born actress says no marriage survives for a long time if financial challenges are handled by one partner.

In her opinion, no man [Nigerian] should expect women to cook if she takes over affairs in the family as a breadwinner.

“What is your take on the large number of celebrity marriages falling out?” the reporter asked in the video.

“It is not just the industry. That is what is trending all over the world,” Ronke replied. “You that is talking to me now, you are not a celebrity and you are not near to what we are doing at all. Are you telling me that all your families, everybody is okay? That is what is trending, that is it.

“Do you know why it is like that? It is because we have been exposed and everybody wants to work and earn money. Before in 30, 40 years it was our fathers that were earning money. Ladies don’t go to universities, not that they don’t go at all please don’t get me wrong but they don’t really go to universities.

“So my dad will say he cannot marry a graduate, in fact my father use to tell me that he cannot marry a nurse, do you understand? But now I will bring 50, you will bring 50 or I will bring 70, you will bring 30 or you will bring 70 and I 30, because we have to work hand in hand. So how do you think we can sustain, do you understand? It’s not ganna work,” she added.

“It is not because we don’t want to be in our husbands’ house or that we are not submissive enough to them, but it’s not ganna work. Am ganna pay the NEPA bill, I will pay school fess if you don’t have and you now come and expect me to cook for you, it’s not ganna work.

“That’s just it, it’s not ganna work because you want us to work hand in hand but if you are a man and you are doing everything absolutely everything, then I will ask you, you want me to give you money for food I gave you, you want me to give you schools fees I gave you and I gave you everything, what else do you want?

“That is when you can have total control on your wife, that’s just the truth of the matter. But if you do 60 and I 30, it’s not ganna work and so it is not because it is in the industry. Even if we are not in the industry, whatever that is ganna happen to anybody will surely happen. “But there are some rude ladies out there, am very sorry to say it, even if they have five Naira they will make their husband believe that they have twenty kobo. But when that five Naira stops they will …. do you understand eeh! But bring this bring that, it’s not ganna work,” she stressed.

Ronke, 43, has since posted several videos on social media in defense of her controversial statements, saying she’s now scared of granting interviews because her statements have been misquoted and misinterpreted in the media.

“That’s not exactly her kole work explanation. She’s saying a woman can’t marry or cook for a man who’s not providing for the family,” write an Instagram user @armynorth16. “So because the man is jobless and can’t provide for the family should now be an house boy. Is that what you saying?

“My advise for you is. If you are married or intend to marry never for one day look down on your husband no matter his situation or if you happen to be the bread winner. He’s your husband you must give him that respect. Don’t forget also that NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT!!”

The fair-skinned lady said she blames financial insecurity as the cause of most celebrity breakups, a contrast to the alleged infidelity, drugs, lesbianism and greed which aren’t strange practices in the industry. She implored every critic to watch her video before passing judgement.

Nonetheless, the Yoruba actress says her comments aren’t exclusive to Nollywood, but regrets that Broadway TV had edited her everything she said during the interview.


Image: Ronke Oshodi

“My sister. I have watched it over and over again. She’s totally wrong with her answer,” another netizen wrote after watching the online video. “She’s just crying for nothing. She even ask the interviewer and says it’s not just celebrities alone but ever marriage out there. I know lots of women will support her. But she got it all wrong.”

The interview wasn’t Ronke’s first on marriage, love and family matters. She recently celebrated her 8-year wedding anniversary, and seems crazy in love. However, the thespian holds nothing but regrets for the “twisted” comments.

“Crying cannot solve this problem, u know your heart and we your fans know you very well….people who try to bring you down will sink into the lagoon🙏🙏🙏,” @black_de_ice advised on Instagram.

Ronke is from Ondo state, Nigeria. She launched her music career in 2014 although her album is yet to be released till date.

In 2015, the actress released a single titled Ori Mi which featured famous rapper 9ice.

One regret she holds in life is being unable to get a university degree.

Now a film producer and writer, Ronke told Encomium magazine in an interview that she must return to school notwithstanding her age or other setbacks which make it seem impossible.

“My big regret is not going back to school as I had wanted to. I have been planning to return back to school for quite a long time but when you are making money, seeing yourself being celebrated here and there, you will feel on top of the world,” she said at that time. “But you are nothing without completing your education. So that’s the bold step I want to take now. So it’s going to be fun. I don’t want to agree it’s going to be difficult. I really want to go back to school and I mean it this time around.”