Nigerians Blast Napoli for ‘fake’ Apology to Victor Osimhen

Fans have not taken kindly to Napoli’s explanation regarding their infamous TikTok video about Victor Osimhen and have asked the Italian club to stop gaslighting the Super Eagles striker and offer a proper apology instead

Nigerian fans on social media have reacted badly to Napoli’s statement concerning a recently released video of star forward Victor Osimhen, asking for a clear apology from the club.

Napoli posted a bland Osimhen statement

The Partenopei’s TikTok handle posted a video making fun of Osimhen’s penalty miss against Bologna, which caused uproar all over social media and even elicited a reaction from the player himself.

Osimhen was apparently taken aback by the meme and showed his frustrations by deleting the club’s pictures from his Instagram account, while his agent threatened to sue the club for the TikTok post.

Napoli responded to the backlash by posting a statement where they explained the intention behind the video and urged Osimhen not to feel offended, but the statement has only served to make things worse between the club and fans of the striker.

Fans unhappy with Napoli despite official statement

Following the statement from Napoli, fans expressed their displeasure with the club once more, accusing them of attempting to gaslight Osimhen.

Many fans observed that Napoli had not actually apologized in their statement, instead shifting the burden of forgiveness to Osimhen, whom they believed misread the situation.

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