McDonald’s not doing enough to stop sexual harassment



Protesting against the company’s sexual harassment policy, staff at McDonald’s restaurants in ten U.S. cities staged walkouts on Tuesday.

Staff at the fast food chain have complained that the company is not doing enough to prevent sexual harassment.

The staff walkout at McDonald’s restaurants came after 27 women filed complaints against the chain and alleged that the company had failed to enforce rules against abuse.

The women further alleged that they were ignored after reporting incidents including groping, indecent exposure and lewd comments.

Subsequently, the staff planning for the strike to last for an hour around lunch time and many of the restaurants were part of the action, in cities including Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami.

According to protest organizers, hundreds of cashiers and cooks walked out and they were joined by other labour activists.

In its argument, McDonald’s claimed that there was “no place for harassment” at its restaurants.