Leading through Digital Disruption

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Assessment Brief

Assignment: Report

This module is assessed through one graded element. You must achieve at least 50% to pass this module.

By completing this assessment, you would be able to:
 ILO1: Critically evaluate the organisational attributes that are integral to the success of a project within an organisational context.
 ILO2: Critically evaluate how organisations select projects from numerous opportunities using best practices in a global setting.
 ILO 3: Develop the skills required for building and leading successful project teams within a project management environment
 ILO 4: Critically appraise techniques in Project Planning and Scheduling and how these apply within a project environment

For this assignment you will create a “case for change” – a report that presents a proposal for how to transform a company of your choice, struggling to stay relevant in the face of digital transformation.


The report has to include the following tasks:

 Task 1 (ILO1): The Case for Change (10 marks)
Identify the company that you are using and the digital transformation it is going through and explain it. As part of it, explain what threats this company is facing and what are the objectives this company wants to achieve through this digital transformation

 Task 2 (ILO2): Capture Insights (14 marks)
Advise on which techniques your chosen company can use to detect the changes that are appending in the market it operates. Specifically, explain how your company can capture insights about its competitors, macroeconomic trends and partners

 Task 3 (ILO2): Make Fast Decisions (14 marks)
Advise on which approaches your chosen company can use to make fast decisions to quickly adapt to the changes in its market.

 Task 4 (ILO4): Acquire and Engage Talents (14 marks)
Advise on which techniques your company can use to acquire and engage the talents needed for its digital transformation.

 Task 5 (ILO3): Create a Digital-Ready Culture (14 marks)
Advise on how formal and informal leaders should help to foster a digital-ready culture to support the digital transformation of your chosen company.

 Task 6 (ILO4): Steer Collaboration (12 marks)
Explain which collaboration tools your company can use to enable individuals to contribute to decision-making and give leaders visibility into such contributions.

Task 7 (ILO3): Select your Leaders (12 marks)
Explain about what key attributes and behaviours would you look for in a leader to help build a culture that supports the success of your chosen company’s digital transformation

 Presentation and Structure (10 marks)

Word count: 2500 words

Your report structure should include the following sections:
Cover page (University cover sheet)
Table of Contents
List of Abbreviations (if appropriate)
Task 1 – The Case for Change
Task 2 – Capture Insights
Task 3 – Make fast Decisions
Task 4 – Acquire and Engage Talents
Task 5 – Create a Digital Ready Culture
Task 6 – Steer Collaboration
Task 7 – Select your Leaders
Concluding remarks
Appendix (if appropriate)

Word count – only applies to the main body (shown in bold)

If you have any further questions about this coursework assignment, please contact the module leader or the tutor.