Kim Kardashian’s attackers have been arrested in Paris

Police in France have arrested a total number of sixteen suspects who are alleged to be responsible for Kim Kardashian’s $10 million jewelry heist.

According to a report from AFP, a police source confirms that a raid was conducted in the early morning hours of Monday 9 January, 2017.

Last October, Kim was gagged and robbed at gunpoint by five masked men at the No Name Hotel in Paris, France. The armed robbers had police badges, and were said to have fled the scene on bikes.

One of the five masked robbers mistakenly dropped a pendant worth 30,000 euros as they fled the Paris hotel.

The gemstone was found by a passerby who handed it to over to cops. However, prosecutors believe that was a calculated move from a group of sophisticated criminals who attempted playing pranks on the police.

A police official told Aces Showbiz: “They wanted us to believe that they were amateurs, but all the real clues point to them being extremely sophisticated professionals.

“There is no way a gang like this would drop stuff and fall off bicycles – all that was done for any cameras that might be in the area.”

Image: Kim Kardashian

Unfortunately for the suspected Pink Panther gang, police acted on a tip-off after forensic tests at the luxury hotel confirmed a notorious armed robber had links to the horrific attack.

During the swoop in Paris and southern France earlier today, police seized some undisclosed amounts of money and documents from the gangsters.

“One of the DNA samples matched an individual known to police for robbery and criminal offences, who is considered a major thug,” the source told AFP.

Kimmy, 39, confirmed in a recent KUWTK promotional video that she feared the criminals would shoot her in the back.

“I thought they’d shoot me in the back,” she told her sisters: Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian.

“There’s no way out. It makes me so upset to think about it,” the mother-of-two said.

Her marriage to Kanye West as well as the previously hyperactive involvement on social media have suffered since her horrific attack.

Image: Kim Kardashian

The report from AFP adds that shortly after Kim Kardashian’s nightmarish ordeal in Paris, another two wealthy Qatari women were attacked on a highway. The robbery victims lost over five million euros just after they left Le Bourger airport in Paris.

Two masked men attacked their Bentley ride which was driven by a chauffeur after firing tear gas at them, the AFP report quotes a police source.

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