Versatile Blogger Award 2017

Thanks a bunch @StyleMyMind for kick-starting my day with a nomination for The Versatile Blogger Award. It came as a thrilling surprise because I never knew about this until few hours ago.

Everyone needs a little encouragement every now and then.

thebeautymascot/versatile blogger award

I created to encourage, entertain and educate people, but I’ve realized that blogging, for me, has a different meaning. It has been an interesting addiction that makes me wonder if I would have been happier without you, my lovely readers.

Life is too short and stressful even when we have it all, so I’ll be nominating other awesome bloggers to share my happiness according to the VBA Rules.

My Nominees Are:


What You Didn’t Know About Me:

Irobiko Chimezie is a Nigerian blogger and teacher who lives in China. He’s a freelancer for hire, and… I lost my way on that, beg your pardon.

  • I spent a few years contemplating on starting a blog, but you won’t believe why. Whenever I set a goal for myself, fall in love, or trust someone, I tend to lose all reasons to quit.
  • My dad died when I was 5, and I still miss him but I’m grateful to God for the wonderful women in my life – Roseline [mother] and Justina [wife].
  • I’m so addicted to my computer. Any hour wasted on frivolities – even sleep, hurts like it’s forever. Wish there’s a way I can always apologize to my loyal readers.
  • I hate bread but enjoy pizza. My love for hamburgers ends with the meat and cheese but definitely without the top and bottom buns.
  • Chimezie doesn’t dance on a night out because he’s not athletic, but try my Makossa dance moves with Effrakata and you’ll have a change of heart.
  • My phobia for height disappears once I board a plane. Strange? I don’t know, too.
  • I’m reserved though not really an introvert but I still wonder why people nominate me for leadership roles. Can somebody explain, please?

2 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award 2017

  1. Congratulations meziesblog. You truly deserve this award and will surely have more awards coming because you love what you are doing, is committed to what you are doing and above all is good at what you are doing.