How A Married Woman Connived With Ex-Husband To Kill Her Ex-Boyfriend With A Birthday Cake.

“O Lord, deliver me from the man of excellent intention and impure heart: for the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked.”–T. S. Elliot

When we talk about wickedness in the world, hardly does a woman come to mind because they’re an embodiment of love, care, tenderness and passion. 

But it’s also true that: “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned”.

This is the story of a married man who was killed by his mistress with a piece of cake. He was later found dead in the boot of his car, as court statement reveals.


Image: Tanveer Iqbal (the deceased).

Zatoon Bibi [Zanveer’s ex-wife] and Gul Nawaz [Zatoon’s ex-hubby] were both arraigned in Birmingham Crown Court yesterday where they denied being responsible for the death of Tanveer Iqbal.

Tanveer was a married man who once shared love with Zatoon [the prime suspect]–both were a couple.

The court is yet to unravel what sort grudge she had against her ex-husband that would arouse such fury–strong enough for murder.

The murder victim was 33 years old at the time of his murder in February. Police in Birmingham found his corpse in the boot of his Renault Clio, Mirror reported.

Zatoon, 37, is the spurned ex-girlfriend who allegedly chose to murder her former bae using a birthday cake. She allegedly lured the man to his death with sweet promises that she had prepared a yummy munchy cake for him, according to court statements.

She’s alleged to have promised the deceased that she would prepare a delicious cake for his 33rd birthday, and the unsuspecting businessman accepted the offer without knowing the accused woman had evil intentions behind her kind promises. She had a plot to kill him with the BIRTHDAY CAKE.

Her “invitation to treat” was impossible for Tanveer to reject because the “pretty” woman explained she had taken time to make it with her kids. That was the offer that would later send a young man to his grave.

Was she envious of the man, his wife, or trying to cover life’s secrets with murder? Or was it a set-up by someone else against an innocent woman?

Zatoon is the not-so-harmful villain who was never good enough for marriage–so it looks, for the fact that she has been divorced twice.

Though nothing was said if she’s in a third marriage, the court is yet to reveal why she would connive with her former hubbie Gul Nawaz, 44, to kill an ex-boyfriend.

How possible could that be? Oh yes, “guilty until proven innocent”. Both are standing accused for strangling Tanveer after she invited him to her home in Birmingham, West Mids, on 31 January, 2016.

The report said the deceased was reported missing by his wife but police later found his body dumped in a widescreen TV box left in the abandoned vehicle, two days after the murder.

The court heard Tanveer's wife and mistress referred to each other as 'sisters'

The mystery surrounding this alleged plot to kill was close to being uncovered yesterday at Birmingham Crown Court, but it may yet tarry for while. It was the first day of their trial after both Zatoon and Nawaz had denied having knowledge or being responsible for Tanveer’s death.

Prosecutor Sally Howes QC said Tanveer Iqbal had an “unconventional and complicated domestic relationship” with his wife and mistress who were fully aware of the affair and had referred to each other as “sisters”.

The judge said: “His wife was fully aware of her husband’s ongoing relationship with Zatoon Bibi and was apparently accepting of it.

“On Sunday January 31, Tanveer Iqbal spent the morning at home with Nasreen Bibi [their son], at midday he left for work.

“Before leaving he told her his plans for the day, that he would return home after work, he would stop for a short while, he was going to visit Zatoon Bibi for a short time and then he would be going out with some friends.

Prosecutor Howes QC continued by telling the court that Tanveer Iqbal had received a message from Zatoon Bibi during the day informing him that their two children had made him a cake for his birthday.

“She used the lure of him coming to see the children for his birthday to get him there.


Image shows Zanveer’s family business outlet where he sold electronics. The deceased ran the shop with his brothers until death came calling.

Putting his foot down...Iqbal told his wife and mistress to stop talking to each other but they continued to do so in secret

Image: File Photo

“Shortly after 1.30pm on Monday February 2 this year a police constable attended Portland Road where he inspected a Renault Clio motor car.

“Found hidden in the boot of the abandoned vehicle was the body of Tanveer Iqbal.

“In the boot of the vehicle was a large cardboard box for a very large screen television and it was secured with silver gaffer tape and blue nylon rope.

Could there have been a plan between one, two or three people to poison the cake so as to implicate the accused?

According to the report, back in August 2015 Mr Iqbal had ordered his wife and mistress to desist from speaking to each other.

But a jury were told the women continued to talk in secret and used fake names stored in separate phones to contact each other.

Things started to get really ugly early this year, long after Zanveer had ended his relationship with Zatoon who had 2 kids for him–she currently has 6 altogether.

The spurned woman had attempted to break his marriage by sending Zanveer’s wife a sex video she made with him but, according to the court statement, both couple decided to stick together.

Why would the accused send Tanveer’s wife a sex video when she already has two kids for him? Both were like sisters having an open but “complicated relationship” with one man. So who would have the stronger urge to kill? And why was the wife keeping contact with the accused against his instructions?

“It’s better to dwell in a corner of the roof than share a big house with a contentious wife.”–Proverbs 21:9 (ASV)

Prosecutor Ms Howes said the deceased decided to stay faithful to his wife and told Zatoon that their lovey-dovey relationship was over.

The murder plot may yet be unraveled as there are questions to be asked and answered.

“Bibi and Nawaz are also alleged to have been caught on camera stuffing Iqbal’s body into the boot which they could only slam shut on a second attempt,” the report added.

Bibi, Nawaz and  a 16-year-old boy who has been implicated in the murder, denied having anything to do with Tanveer’s death. Another 17-year-old girl was also arraigned in court on accusation of deliberately perverting the course of justice by providing a false alibi.