Man Utd Will Bleed If Paul Pogba Fails To Join, And He Won’t Be Responsible For It, Says Rio Ferdinand.

Quite a lot has been said about Paul Pogba’s record-breaking deal to Old Trafford and one person who has been honest about the youngster’s passion for greatness says Manchester United will “bleed” if he fails the join.

Image: Paul Pogba

Former United defender Rio Ferdinand has warned that Pogba must join the club after all this fanfare, adding that if the deal doesn’t fall through, it’ll have a major impact on the team–at least at the starting phase of 2016/17 season.

The deal for this young Frenchman who has spent fruitful years at Italian club Juventus, is expected to be completed possibly before today’s Community Shield match with Leicester City.

Considering that nothing is impossible, the veteran defender calls on everyone to keep their fingers crossed until Manchester United does the expected.

He spoke with Metro:

‘If he doesn’t sign, as a player in the changing room, you’ve been thinking ‘he’s coming, he’s coming’ and if he doesn’t sign it could have an adverse effect mentally, for a short time.

‘Everyone’s expecting him to come now so it’s important they sign him now.’

Ferdinand also has the belief that it’s impossible for any player in the world to turn than an offer of what is expected to be a world record deal. Not even for young man like Paul Pogba whose desire it has been, to become a world best.

The sum of £100 million is impossible to miss but if the deal doesn’t fall through, it won’t be because of the player, he adds.

‘Players don’t hold deals up, they either want to go or they don’t. It’s not the players, it’s the details between the clubs that’s the problem.

‘His [Pogba’s] personal terms with the club would have been sorted, if they’ve spoken, all them things will be agreed. It’s just about the clubs agreeing little details.’

Image: Rio Ferdinand