Boris to visit Russia-Ukraine region amid crisis

According to a report from the Independent, United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson will visit the Russian-Ukraine region in the coming days in an effort to “ramp up deterrence [and] avoid bloodshed” amid growing concerns.

Irobiko Chimezie
Bioris Johnson

The report details that Johnson will “accelerate diplomatic efforts” during his trip and speak to Russian President Vladimir Putin over the phone.

“The Prime Minister is determined to accelerate diplomatic efforts and ramp up deterrence to avoid bloodshed in Europe,” a Downing Street spokeswoman said in a statement. “He will reiterate the need for Russia to step back and engage diplomatically when he speaks to President Putin this week.”


The move to engage in diplomatic efforts comes as Johnson has asked defense and security chiefs to consider further defensive military actions measures in Europe during a high-level intelligence meeting on the situation last week.

Among the options Johnson will choose from to alleviate Russian aggression include new deployments and bolstering NATO’s defense following his meeting. Among other options, Johnson is also expected to announce further sanctions against Russia, which could hurt the country’s financial interests.

Earlier, Johnson and President Joe Biden spoke over the phone where they both agreed on the importance of international unity amid growing Russian hostility. They both agreed to diplomatic discussions with the country.

The UK’s Russian foreign minister Liz Truss has also “agreed a date” to visit Moscow within the next two weeks. Truss added Russia has “no justification whatsoever” for its aggression toward Ukraine.

Previously, Biden told his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky there is a “distinct possibility” Russia could take military action in February.

Washington has been reported to put the measure up of halting the opening of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline if Russia advances its forces.