A US Student In North Korea May Start War.

At a press conference on Monday 29th February, an American student who has been held by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) admitted that he tried to steal a political slogan from a hotel where he stayed before his arrest.


His name is Otto Frederick Warmbier, a 21-year-old studying Commerce at Virginia University. 

The student also confessed that he had committed severe crimes against the DPRK and it’s government on New Year’s Day 2016. Little is known whether the confessions were made under duress but it is clear, as shown in the pictures that he is remorseful.

Hope he gets a pardon quickly.


The matter could get worse as he has revealed that he committed the crime for the U.S. government and that the task was given to him by the Friendship United Methodist Church after a promise of good reward.

According to CRI News: “He said that on the early morning of Jan. 1, he attempted to take a political slogan which inspired people’s love for the DPRK from a staff-only area at Yanggakdo International Hotel, where he stayed during his tour in Pyongyang.

“The aim was to harm the work ethics and motivation of the DPRK people,” 

Warmbier has constantly apologized to the DPRK and government for his crimes and never stopped begging for forgiveness.

He says that he was only a “political victim of the U.S. consistent hostile policy against the DPRK.”


He also stressed that he was treated in a humanitarian way during the investigation and is now in good health. He said he did not know what penalty he might face, but he fervently hoped he could return home to reunite with his family.

Wambier entered the country under the guise of a tourist.

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    1. America was defeated when North Korea returned him as “vegetable” and he eventually died. Yet, the US government wept instead of fighting. Kim has always had his way.

      1. Otto’s death was both a disappointment and disgrace. He shouldn’t have attempted stealing in such a dangerous place. Somehow, I think he was working as a spy – professional or not – for a group which was trying to run down Kim’s government. Little wonder they chose to make him a scape goat. Good lesson for others who may be tempted by money or other promises. Espionage is a crime.

      2. Thanks to God, it’s all coming back together for the US and North Korea. The recent treaty will definitely save America some taxpayers’ funds and keep tensions low in the South China sea. Good for everyone, so far there are no oppressive moves from either of the big and small parties in the Asian territory.