The role of youth in national development

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A youth is any person between the age of 15 years and 30 years regardless of the gender.

Unfortunately, the youth are the backbone of a society and hence they determine the future of any given society. This is because all other age groups, the kids, teenagers, middle aged and the senior citizens rely on the youth and expect a lot from them. This makes the youth to be an important age group in both today’s society and the future society than other age groups.Therefore, due to the high dependence on youth in the society, we the youth have a role to play because the future of our families, communities and the country lies in our hands.

The role of the youth is simply to renew, refresh and maintain. Youth have a role to renew and refresh the current status of our society including leadership, innovations, skills etc. Youth are expected to advance the current technology, education, politics, peace of the country. On the other hand, youths have also to maintain the culture of our culture, all good values in the societies, development projects, etc.


Importance of youth

Youth is the backbone of any nation. Youth can play an important role in the development of the society. Pakistan currently is the largest generation of young people ever recorded in its history as 64% of the total population was below the age of 30, and 29% between the ages of 15–30 years. This is the important segment of the society and youth can play a vital role in the development of the country. But this young and able workforce is not being given their chance to shine.

Unfortunately there is lack of opportunities, professional training institutes, awareness for youth in the country. Educated youth is unemployed, they are unable to participate in the country’s development because there is no quality education, and textbooks, policies, and curriculum differ across the country. There is no proper training institute in the country where student can get professional training for their careers.

Youth is now becoming a depressed segment of society, there are degrees but no jobs, there are universities but no professional education, there are schools but different education systems between elite and poor, there is a government but not a proper policy as to how they can solve these issues. Government should realize the situation and take quick measures to save the future of the nation. Otherwise situation may make the youth choose more destructive paths that will be detrimental to our society.

What are the responsibilities of youth?

Youth has a very important role to play for society. For that we need to know why youth are so special. It is so because they are young, full of energy and educated with rationality as their ultimate belief. Now their role in society.

  1. Reproduce: reproduction here does not mean increasing the population but it means that they full fill the position left by the elder. Like son takes up the position of father in a company.
  2. Protection: Youth are expected to protect their culture and tradition while at the same time makes it better and embrace changes in the society. For instance it is youth only who becomes a part of political movement for a major change in a country. They becomes a part of armed forces too, to safeguard the freedom of people and so on
  3. Growth: The growth of a country in all the spheres like Social, political and economic spheres mostly depends on youth only. They with a fresh energy can perform better and ensure the growth of society.

There are many other roles of youth in the society. They are like the leading character of a movie. Youth also need to take care of old ones who are now going to be dependent.