Read Sanusi’s candid opinion about Atiku, Tinubu and Peter Obi

See Sanusi describing the 3 leading presidential candidates

One peculiar thing about the top three guys battling it out for the 001 seat, is that neither of them is there for the money.

One has milked Nigeria well enough systematically, and just wants to answer President by all means. He lives in Dubai full-time and only comes around every 4 years to contest for the Presidency.

He doesn’t understand the struggle of the average Nigerian. He doesn’t care so much. If he loses this one, he will go back to Dubai and wait out the next 4 years before coming out again.

Besides the fact that his ambition is scary, we can’t afford to have a Paul Biya of Cameroun as President.


Another has been controlling Lagos treasury since 2003. He just wants to fulfill his lifetime political ambition of answering President, even if he dies the next day after swearing-in.

He would properly share Nigeria like cake to his boys….just like he did in Lagos. At the end of the day, he would teach us what being “fantastically corrupt” actually means.

The other was already a billionaire before 2003, and quite content with himself. He doesn’t need your money for anything. He wants to be President to reset things and lay the foundation for systemic governance in future.

He relates with the struggles of the average Nigerian, understands what Nigeria needs, and has volunteered himself to save us from impending catastrophe. Win or lose, he would most likely not contest again.

It is up to us to choose wisely.

~ Mohammed Sanusi