The implications of America’s decision to rejoin Iran deal

Iran will continue to look for targets “not only in Israel but all over the world” if it gets its hands on hundreds of millions of dollars through a renewed nuclear deal, Danny Danon, the former ambassador from Israel to the United Nations, said on Newsmax Monday.

Danny Danon

“Maybe the administration wanted to send a message to Tehran that they have to make a decision soon,” Danon told Newsmax’s John Bachman while commenting on the airstrikes President Joe Biden ordered on Iranian-backed targets in Iraq and Syria this weekend.

“But you know, it’s all the same. You know, they keep electing notorious leaders…when you look at the regime, they’ll be there with exporting the revolution. That is the main object of their regime, to export the revolution to support proxies.”

That was seen in Gaza with Hamas, with Hezbollah in Lebanon, and it “will be a threat not only for us in Israel, but also for the U.S. people,” said Danon. 

The Pentagon said the strikes were ordered because Iran-backed militias are using facilities in Iraq and Syria to launch drone attacks on U.S. troops operating in Iraq. 

Biden’s foreign policy and that of the Obama administration have often been criticized as being feckless, said Bachman, but Danon described Sunday’s airstrikes as “important” and come at a time while Israel continues to attack targets in the region. 

“Wherever you see instability and terrorism, you will find the fingerprint of the Iranian regime,” said Danon. 

But he warned against rushing to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal, because if the U. S will be entering the agreement, Iran will soon have more funding, said Danon. 

And if that happens, Iran will have more funding, and “you’ll have thousands of terrorists on the borders of Israel in the north,” said Danon. 

“We hope that at the end, the U. S will not make that mistake and will not be entered into this dangerous agreement,” said Danon. “The United States would have to capitulate to all of Iran’s demands if they’re going to get back in the nuclear deal.”

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