Man Has Revenge On His Two Kids, After Wife Left Him.

A Chinese man whose wife ran away from their family home has lost his mind and is currently taking revenge on their two kids. His constant abuse on the children aged 4 and 2, became public after he posted the pathetic pictures online.

Worse still, he posted the pictures and tagged it: “This Makes Me Happy”.

The 30-year-old man named Liu is from Zhaotong in South-West Yunnan Province.

Reports confirm this man married his 23-year-old wife at a very tender age–18. Though he claims the girl has mental problems, they lived together until July 17 when the wife left home and never came back.

Liu searched for his wife everywhere he thought she could be, entreating family and friends to help. He also made some “missing person” posters and shared pictures on the social media, telling people that she’s mentally unstable.

The grieving husband begged anyone who comes across her to report at the nearest police station, adding that she needs to be taken care of.

Yet, the efforts bore no fruit.

According to Chinese media report, the couple had lived as strangers in the past few years and no one knew their marriage had fallen apart.

Liu didn’t acknowledge this to his family or friends until Women’s Federation [a local women’s rights organization] interfered after the child abuse photos surfaced online and sparked public outcry.

His child abuse all started one month after their secret divorce when he found out that his ex-wife had a hotel booking record. Liu was shocked that his wife had already started “having fun” only one month after the split.

He was the one who said she was mad and dirty. Now he’s angry after another man thought her an angel–learning from our mistakes is never that good in some cases.

It’s clear now that he has realized she needs care but it’s a bit too late–if she was even mad, to begin with. Unfortunately he’s punishing the kids for his errors.

Reports say he drank a lot and started beating his own kids heartlessly and severely, leaving their bodies with bruises and cuts all over. He then took pictures of the kids and posted them online without realizing he’s giving himself up. Aren’t you thinking this man is sick in the head?

Probably, his mistakes all point to the fact that he needs help but didn’t know how to ask. Liu could have been the wacko he said she was.

It’s still a surprise why the villagers witnessed this torture and child abuse for so long but did nothing to save the situation.

An unnamed neighbor told the press that “they feared reporting him to the police because the kids would lose both parents if he’s gone”.

The police is still searching for the “missing angel” while investigations continue.