Donald Trump Campaign: Washington Post Is Doing Hillary Clinton’s Dirty Work.

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This article is from the U. S. Republican Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump campaign. It was released with the tag: MEDIA BIAS OF THE DAY: 8/5/2016.


Another day, another instance of media bias—the latest offender is The Washington Post, and even more specifically, The Washington Post website.

This website usually tilts to the left, but today’s online edition of the Post doesn’t even try to hide the fact that they are essentially a propaganda arm for Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

The Washington Post homepage is stacked with anti-Trump news stories along the left-hand side and then the Opinion section starts off with four consecutive attacks on Mr. Trump.

With subscriptions for the once legendary publication in free fall, it’s clear that a conscious decision has been made by the owners and editors of The Washington Post to go all-in for Hillary.

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