Idris Elbar says Marriage isn’t for him

Idris Elbar has seen love at its best, but after surviving two marriages just like many other Hollywood stars, the tall and handsome actor says “it was never his calling.”

Elbar was married to Hanne Noraagard between 1999 to 2003, and later tied the knots with Sonya Hamlin, who left him the same year they got married 2006.

Image: Idris Elbar

His parents got married in Sierra Leone before they moved to the United Kingdom.

Elbar’s father was a Sierra Leonan, while his mom, Eve, was of a Ghanaian descent.

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The father-of-two sure has beautiful, amiable and good-natured women at his beck and call, but they’re none of his problems at this moment. He’s hell-bent on raising his two kids and managing his tight career schedule.

In his discussion with Yahoo Celebrity, the 44-year-old said: “Am I ever gonna get remarried? I don’t think so.

“Marriage is an institution of sorts. And I’ve done it. It’s not for everybody. It’s not my life’s calling.”

The actor’s fans sky-rocketed after his roles as Chief Bogo in Zootopia, Shere Khan in The Jungle Book, and Fluke in Finding Dory.

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Elbar was named in Times’ 2016 list of 100 Most Influential Men in the world. 

As a former DJ and musician, Elbar featured in Fat Joe’s All I Need.

Anthony Horowitz, the writer of a James Bond novel Trigger Mortis, once described Elbar as being “too gangster” to play the character although some critics argued that her statement implied “he’s black and we don’t want a black Bond.”

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No doubts, you were a fan of this awesome British actor even before you knew his name.

He often has fewer lines than anyone else but you still feel as though he has the bigger part, because he is luminous.

Elbar has starred in a movie with Beyonce, and even rapped in Jay-Z’s latest album 4:44, for the records. There are a million reasons not to hate this man.