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Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill’s “divorce” was a publicity stunt

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Nicki Minaj and boyfriend Meek Mill called it quits earlier this year after a long time together. And the Pinkprint rapper confirmed her single status with a Twitter post dated 5 January.

Minaj and the “Buy A Heart” rapper went public with their relationship in February 2015 though it remains unknown when the secret love was consummated.

However, the lovebirds have always made headlines with breakups and make-ups. He was even rumored to have proposed sometime last year, and the female MC gushed during an interview, saying she can’t wait to have his baby.

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“To confirm, yes I am single,” she tweeted on 5 January.

“Focusing on my work & looking forward to sharing it with you guys really soon. Have a blessed New Year. Love u.”



Shortly before Minaj confirmed her separation from Meek, he shared an Instagram video where he said: “I need love,” while singing to LL Cool J’s hit track. And someone whose identity was hidden from the camera added, “You need a fuckin’ thot.”

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The off-and-on lovers have had it rough over the years. In March 2015, Minaj mourned their short split by posting some lines from Beyonce’s breakup songs. She wrote: “Best I Never Had” in the caption and added, “Thank god I dodged a bullet!!”

Some time last December, Meek posted an Instagram picture which showed a curvy woman with an ass like Nicki bending over his bed. His caption for the woman in a red lace gown was: “$avage…just friends.”

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The media speculated that both lovebirds may have played pranks with their widely publicized separation, and for once, rumors were right.

According to, a source has confirmed that Nickmill’s divorce was a publicity stunt.

“I don’t think they ever even broke up. Nicki was in the studio all last week and she was texting with [Meek]. He even came by and picked her up,” the insider told MT Online.

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The tipster told Hollywood Life in an exclusive interview: “Nicki’s really worried about Meek because since the split he’s been doing nothing but turning up and partying in the club with his boys, and posting these belligerent videos on social media.

“Meek isn’t even a drinker like that and Nicki fears that if he keeps this up he’s going to do something stupid.”

It all started back in November when Meek tweeted an advice: “Some of you need to learn how to enjoy your man’s company instead of picking fights with him 24/7.”

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His girlfriend responded with: “Never help an ungrateful person get on their feet. It’s like telling a wolf that you’re a sheep.”

During their war of words, Meek claimed he “had a bag” before meeting most of the industry cats.

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“Don’t act like you played a part in nothing I got going on when I’m doing my thing…because most likely I had a bag b4 I met most of you,” Meek claimed on Instagram before deleting his account.

Both lovers have collaborated on a few hit tracks, and Minaj is believed to have been a part of Meek’s success story.

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