Drug Addict mistakenly tells Police about Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, gets 18 days in Jail

A woman in Spring Grove who called 911 to report carbon monoxide poisoning while high on drugs at home has been remanded in jail. She will spend 18 days, according to the Northwest Herald.

The prosecuting judge at McHenry County, Robert Wilbrandt, who read out Renee A. Hermes’s sentence after a bench trial on Wednesday, said the woman was guilty of possessing more than 8.8 ounces of cocaine in August.

Image: Renee A. Hermes

Renne later admitted in court that she was high on crack at the time she called 911.

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Police arrived her home to check for carbon monoxide leaks and found cocaine on the table instead. More “white powder” was also found in a locker hidden in her basement, prosecutors said.

Wilbrandt, 54, said the convict will observe 2½ years of probation, excluding her jail time. She was ordered to pay an undisclosed amount of money and perform a mandatory 40-hour community service.

Renee’s lawyer, Phil Prossnitz, and court documents say she was exonerated of heavier charges which could have earned her over ten years in prison. She was “mercifully” acquitted of charges on “illegal possession of cocaine with the intent to deliver.”

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14.7 ounces of cocaine was found in Renee’s custody, said Spring Grove Chief of Police Thomas Sanders.

The drug addict was, at that time, taken to a hospital for emergency checks. No symptom of cocaine overdose was found and she was released after five hours. She admitted to being on a four-day binge before the bust.

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According to the Northwest Herald, Renee’s lawyer was grateful to the court for what he called a “fair trial.” His client’s probation terms include “getting a drug addiction evaluation and complying with the recommendations of that evaluation” in order to avoid doing more time in jail.

If found to have violated any of the terms, the convict will spend an extra 140 days in prison.

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The woman’s 59-year-old husband, William K. Hermes, is currently serving a 9-year term for similar offense. He was sentenced in 2016 after testifying that the cocaine in their cabinet was his, despite the contradictory statements offered by both.

Before his apprehension, William was declared “armed and dangerous.” People were warned not to approach him if sighted. He was wanted for manufacturing and delivery of cocaine.