President Rodrigo Duterte: The Unsung Hero In Philippine’s Fight Against Crime And Drugs.

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte made more enemies outside his country with the recent media popularity after his vulgar rants on U.S. President Barack Obama before the G20 Summit held in Hangzhou, China.

Image: President Rodrigo Duterte

However, the recent buzz continues from the man who’s also referred to as “The Filipino Donald Trump” but this time, it’s him against a senator and other “mischief makers” who alleged that he “once gunned down a rival by the roadside using an uzi sub-machine gun”.

Senator Leila De Lima has been under fire for her comments as Duterte’s government seem to be “digging her grave every passing hour”.

Image: Senator Leila De Lima

A 2015 report from The Mirror says Duterte killed over 1,000 people before he was elected president of the country. According to the released information, bodies of his victims were fed to crocodiles.

The controversial leader was said to have encouraged his followers to to carry out vigilante killings in his war against crime, a step he took further by ordering gangland killings of over 1,000 people.

A man who said he was the president’s hitman made the revelation.

Going further, the confessor said he has been in Duterte’s assassins’ payroll for over 25 years during which the killings never stopped, implying that the president has an unquenchable thirst for blood.

Edgar Matobato spoke at a senate hearing where he revealed that the bloodshed started while the president was a town’s mayor, adding that he also overheard Duterte gave orders for the massacre of over 1,000 people.

Edgar Matobato

Image: Edgar Matobato

“Our job was to kill criminals like drug pushers, rapists, snatchers,” said the 57-year-old who claims he has killed over 50 persons so far.

In a separate incident in 1993, he claims he was part of a group who were pulled to the side of the road by a justice department official, which led to a shootout.

Mr Duterte arrived at the scene shortly after and is said to have finished off the dying official by “emptying two Uzi magazines” into him.

The Philippine’s president allegedly turned his country into a lawless society with the controversial fight against drug users and drug dealers, but the citizens think otherwise. He is quoted as saying:

“Crime against humanity? In the first place, I’d like to be frank with you: are they humans? What is your definition of a human being?

“ Human rights ? Use it properly in the right context if you have the brains.

“You cannot wage a war without killing,” Duterte said, also adding that most of those drug dealers cannot be rehabilitated – a way of saying the country has no need for the junkies.

Senator Leila De Lima, who started a campaign against the seemingly unlawful executions of “innocent citizens”, is facing a turned table from Duterte’s government after a convicted felon testified in court Tuesday against her.

The inmate told a Congressional hearing that De Lima took bribes from him while she was serving as the country’s Justice Minister.

This turn of events is coming at a time when the outspoken human rights activitist is carrying out a UN-backed campaign against Duterte’s bloody war against crime and drugs.

A convicted bank robber Herbert Colangco confessed that he paid a total 3 million pesos (S$85,385) to the former minister in October 2013, adding that the reason behind his payment was to get her [De Lima’s] permission to hold concerts in prison as well as trade alcohol to inmates.

Herbert added that he operated a brothel in prison, but was later pressured to sell drugs and more, in order to raise money for De Lima’s campaign – a proposal he claims to have rejected.

Unfortunately, the recent revelation from the prisoner comes a day after senators voted to remove De Lima as head of a house committee probing the drugs war.

Duterte took over office as the Philippine president about 11 weeks ago. His crackdown on drugs has raised concerns among world presidents, especially the United Nations. However, reports confirm that most Filipinos who are tired of crime and drug addiction, have nothing but praises for the “Filipino Donald Trump”.

 A total of 3,800 persons have been killed so far, according to a Strait Times report.
“[Answering questions to the Congress on how he smuggled contrabands into the prison] I have de Lima’s blessings,” Colangco said.

The prisoner revealed that bribes were paid through security guards with reciepts issued as confirmation for cash received.

Image: Leila De Lima

Another surprise revelation against De Lima says the former minister was seen in an inmate’s prison cell. The particular prisoner is alleged to be a dreaded drug baron who’s feared all over the country.

The two prisoner’s told Congress that they had delivered 5 million pesos in bribes to De Lima’s home.

Meanwhile, the accused lawmaker skipped Tuesday’s congress hearing but gave a speech at the senate in defense of her committment to spearhead investigations on Duterte. She said: “No committee chairmanship is worth it, if it sacrifices my principles.”

An unrelenting Duterte isn’t surprised at the events unfolding in the country’s senate.

“I was correct all along,” the president said, after De Lima’s removal from the senate committee on Monday.

A CNN report confirms Manny Pacquiao — a senator and former boxing star, moved a motion Monday night to declare the chairmanship of the committee on Justice and Human Rights vacant.

Image: President Rodrigo Duterte

The position which was previously held by this accused former justice minister was passed by 16 votes to four, validating Senator Richard Gordon as the committee’s next chairman.

One word from the embattled senator shortly before her removal from office. “I am not the one who has tainted the image of the Senate and the country; what truly destroys this is the continued killings in our country.”

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