Hillary Clinton bemoans the Fate of Brexit Children

Hillary Clinton has sympathized with the large number of children who stand affected in the Brexit process. The former Secretary of State said on Saturday during a speech at Swansea University in Wales, that most of the kids are feeling “worried and unsafe.”


Image: Hillary Clinton

The 2016 U.S. presidential candidate was presented with an honorary doctorate degree at the event.

Hillary, 69,  admits there’s uncertainty on the rights and future of nearly 3 million European Union citizens living in Britain, adding that  “the residency rights of half a million children, including many who were born in the U.K. are hanging in the balance.”

According to the ex-Secretary of State, “there are reports of children being worried, feeling uncertain, even unsafe.”

The former First Lady openly criticized U.S. President Donald Trump whose statements are often considered divisive and controversial.

“…Instead of bringing people together, we have leaders who stoke our divisions, try to distract us with controversy after controversy, and undermine free speech and the press,” she said.

Swansea University honored Clinton for her huge contributions in promoting the rights of families and children, a cause the school shares.

The Welsh institution has renamed its college of law the Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law.

In her speech, Mrs. Clinton bemoaned what she called divisive politics and rhetoric on both sides of the Atlantic, saying “currents of anger and resentment are underpinning our national conversation in the United States.”

Hillary Clinton served as a senator representing New York between 2001 – 2009, when she was appointed the 67th U.S. Secretary of State (2009 -2013).