A Female Gangster’s Confession: ‘I Used To Shower With Blood And Have Sex With Dead Bodies’.

A female gangster who went all the way with violence as she lived like a monster among drug barons and killers, has confessed her horrific and dehumanizing acts. The hitwoman reportedly worked for one out of the many notorious drug cartels in Mexico.

Juana is a mother-of-one

The devilish woman with a petite stature says her body size means nothing at all, rather the heart–made of stone–is everything.

It was a gradual cult process for the once soft woman who wanted money and power, until she later became obsessed with gangland killings and ended up doing disgusting things like drinking the blood of her victims.

Juana [as she’s called] made the chilling confession from her jail cell. Federal officers in the United States were shocked to the bones after hearing that the beautiful young lady admitted taking showers in the blood. One would begin to wonder how many she had to kill for the blood and how often she needed the bloodbath.

Juana is also known as ‘La Peque’ (the little one) though she should have been called ‘the monstrous one’ considering her thirst for blood and lack of human feelings.

The innocent-looking beauty narrated her nasty adventures to the police from a jail in Baja, California.

Juana claims to have sipped victims' blood

The 28-year-old was a member of the cold-blooded Zetas cartel in Mexico.

She was born in the state of Hidalgo, near Mexico City. According to a report, she became pregnant at the age of 15, and the man responsible was said to 20 years her senior at that time.

Juana blames her poor decision on choosing the devil-may-care path. She thought the free and easy way was her only option to support the child. Living in the poor north American country was hard, so she turned to prostitution for money.

One step led to another as she was eventually introduced to the dangerous world of Mexico’s drug cartel.

She said: “Ever since I was a little girl I was a rebel, and then became a drug addict and an alcoholic.”

The mother-of-one started with an easy job for the cartel which earned her some cash she needed to sort out personal problems, so it was cool. Her first post was to serve the gang as a “Halconeo” – a lookout for police and army patrols, according to Central European news.

Demands on the duty says she must stand at a given position, looking out for cops and passing tips if any unfamiliar person approaches. She must work for eight hours at a time. Of course, she would get severe punishments is she failed in her duties.

According to Juana, she was tied up and fed a single taco per day if her duty was not fulfilled properly. It’s better to be active on the job than to stay tied up and fed almost nothing a day.

Living with the cartel for weeks, months and years left the young lady with lots of experience–bloody ones. There were so many killings, deaths and crimes she had to witness, or take part in.

In her revelations, Juana said she once saw a man’s head smashed open with a mace. Those men were ruthless. They have no atom of sympathy for anyone who steps on their toes.

‘The Little One’ said: “I remember feeling sad and thinking I did not want to end up like that.”

That was the initial feeling as it didn’t take long before she became the monster she had hated. Friedrich Nietzsche advised: “Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”


Step by step, the spy went neck-deep into Mexico’s dangerous crime world. The cartel girl suddenly became too “excited” to kill.

 A Local news site Denuncias claims Juana enjoyed sex, drugs and crime with the drug cartel to the point that she lost total control of herself. She began to shower with blood and have sex with dead bodies.

According to the report, she said: “I feel excited by it, rubbing myself in it and bathing in it after killing a victim”.

She alleged: “I even drank it when it was still warm.”

Juana claimed to have had sex with dead bodies

Image shows The Little One, also known as Juana.

Denuncias reported the worst part of the young girl’s sex life as a member of the dreadful Mexico’s Zetas cartel.

“Juana had sex with the cadavers of those decapitated, using the severed heads as well as the rest of their bodies to pleasure herself”.

‘La Peque’ is still awaiting sentencing in California, according to the report.

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