7 Powerful business management tools you need to retain customers

In today’s business environment, customers have a lot of influence. They don’t just wish for a good experience with your brand but they feel it’s their right to have positive experience with your brand. The experience your brand gives to a customer differentiates your company, corporate image and reputation from any other brand. Therefore, enhancing client’s experience across all touch-points of your brand makes your business identity stand out from the crowd.

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Below are three major reasons why boosting customer experience is very important.
1. It increases sales both for up-selling and cross-selling
2. It brings about customer satisfaction and loyalty
3. It encourages customer retention and lifetime value

Therefore, the need to continually satisfy customers offers great competitive advantage to any brand that wants to be a generational market leader. Below are 5 powerful tools to boost customer experience and increase sales:

1. Social Media Listening Tools: This is a software that monitors and analyzes online conversations about your brand, a specific topic, your competitors or anything else that’s relevant to your company. It pulls in mentions of specified keywords and helps marketers analyze these mentions. Therefore, set up a listening tool to monitor what customers are saying or not saying about your brand. There are lots of listening tools out there. However, your preferences and needs should determine the one that suits your brand.

2. Customer Feedback Tools: Your customers know what is working and what isn’t. Ensure they have many ways to criticize, suggest or complain. Some good techniques like calling randomly to find out about their experience, conducting surveys (using SurveyMonkey, Google Form etc), providing numbers to call for anonymous feedback, providing contact forms on websites for follow-up etc.

3. Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI): Customers demand faster service, more empathetic responses, and clear solutions at all hours of the day and night. Hence, businesses are turning to artificial intelligence to provide an intelligent, convenient and informed customer experience at any point along the customer journey. AI uses real-time data to deliver content that is specifically relevant to a customer, it provides personalised experiences, instantly and conveniently. This is called hyper-personalisation. By making use of these tools; chatbots, natural language processing, visual IVR, business intelligence, live chats etc you can effectively take your customer experience to the next level.

4. Optimize your digital ecosystem and customer journey: Your customers don’t see your individual touchpoints in isolation. They see the total experience you give them as a whole, which is an aggregation of multiple interactions across multiple channels. That’s why Customer Journey Optimization is so important. The major touchpoint for any brand is its website. Therefore, optimizing the website to become search engine friendly would not only make your customer experience personal, seamless and relevant but would also exponentially increase sales. Very good tools for optimizing your website is the SEOptimer, Similarweb etc

5. Make use of customer analytics: With the emergence of big data, creating a single view of the customers as they interact with your brand across channels which can easily help management to make prompt decision that will improve sales is very important. Tracking your business’ performance as it interacts with customers would surely accelerate your business growth.

All business leaders and professionals need the practical knowledge of data analysis and visualization for better decision-making and to improve business performance.

Analyzing data to identify business issues, trends, insights and opportunities, is now a critical part of business success in every organisation.

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