Why you shouldn’t be afraid to fail

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Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

When we think of success, our minds naturally zero in on the desired outcome. Success is the ultimate goal, the end product, the final result we want all along.

While success is beautiful when attained, there is, however, the whole process from the desire to result might not go smoothly as we envisage.

Mistakes are an essential part of any transformation. Not only do they underscore the whole fallible humanity we’re working with, but they bust open the entire process of transformation, helping us break through into deeper dimensions of commitment while redirecting us toward more constructive pathways.

Mistakes are as important in life as breathing. If you continually run from making mistakes, it is possible for you to be stagnant. Below are some reasons why you should allow yourself to make mistakes:

Mistakes open the mind to learn
Failure stings so much, however, when you overcome the pains that come with failure, you would have learnt important life lessons. Mistakes knock us off our rigid axis, freeing us from the delusion that the way we are doing it was the best way, let alone the only way. Although we of course knew this intellectually, mistakes help us absorb this truth very quickly. Life is a mountain of solvable problems and mistakes help us learn the best possible ways to solve these problems.

Admitting Mistakes Increase Respect
This is surely the hardest thing to do. We know, deep down, we’ve made a mistake. But we do everything we can to deflect or make excuses. Often we think that mistakes should be followed by a string of reasons and excuses. Actually, just a simple acknowledgement of the mistake and an apology is usually all a person wants to hear. And that courage can earn a huge amount of respect. It is so important that we own up when we’ve made a mistake. We all make mistakes. It’s how you handle it afterward that really defines you.

Mistakes Open Up Creativity
Mistakes move us out of the small view of success into understanding and discovering better ways for the actualisation and fulfillment of our dreams. Most of us want a successful life, which means not just improving what already exists, what we are already operating out of. Mistakes keep us nimble and creative, open to a larger picture, focused on expansion rather than perfection. They might disappoint us at the moment but ultimately remind us of the overarching design we are aiming for.

Mistakes are a part of life’s learning curves, so just make them and learn from them.