Skit maker Brain Jotter calls out colleague for copyright infringement

Popular skit maker, Chukwuebuka Emmanuel Amuzie, better known as Brain Jotter, has rubbished claims that his fast-rising colleague, Micheal Charles, aka OGB Recent, is copying his comedy style. In the latest episode of the Real-Life Talk podcast, the host Ivie Naomi asked Brain Jotter what his opinion was on the speculations that OGB was copying … Continue reading Skit maker Brain Jotter calls out colleague for copyright infringement

Creative ways to use old tires

Old tires are generally thrown out or at least emerge as sitting round in the storage or yard gathering dirt. Whether you have one or one hundred tires, there’s constantly something that you can make with them in order to now, not handiest repurpose them however provide you with extraordinary interior and outdoors décor. You may turn … Continue reading Creative ways to use old tires

Why you shouldn’t be afraid to fail

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on When we think of success, our minds naturally zero in on the desired outcome. Success is the ultimate goal, the end product, the final result we want all along. While success is beautiful when attained, there is, however, the whole process from the desire to result might not go … Continue reading Why you shouldn’t be afraid to fail

Change the world with your song

With the movement for racial justice and equality sweeping the country, BMI songwriters are picking up their pens and calling for much-needed change through their music. Issues of social justice, racial equity, tolerance and beyond are being highlighted in powerful songs that are shining a light on what’s happening and resonating with listeners. This builds … Continue reading Change the world with your song

Discovering your creative nature

'They made an opening in the roof.' Mark 2:4 NIV Mary Engelbreit always wanted to illustrate children's books, but a school guidance counselor told her, 'You can't do that. Be practical. Get a degree and teach.' Mary started working at an art shop, learned all about the business, and got to know artists who made … Continue reading Discovering your creative nature

Ever Seen A City in the Pond?

Have you seen the rain? Guess you have but have you ever noticed the reflection of a city in the pond after rains? Maybe. A creative photographer took series of photos in Xiamen city, a location in southeast China's Fujian Province. The pictures were reflections from a pond after a heavy rainfall in the city. … Continue reading Ever Seen A City in the Pond?

‘232 Creative Breakfast’ Made By A Jobless Mom.

Wang Jing is a housewife from Chongqing Municipality in southwest China. She found a good way to showcase her talent while preparing meals for her daughter. The talented housewife has made a total of 232 different styled breakfast dishes since she resigned from a foreign company in 2015.