Companies don’t have morals, people do

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People have morals and ethics. Companies are nothing more than legal entities constructed to organize people. And yes, those people communicate values, a culture, and they establish some guidelines or policies, that establish a sort of moral FRAMEWORK or ethics they idealize, but at the end of the day, the “COMPANY” doesn’t do or decide anything. It has no brain.

Google is NOT the most ethical company. No company is an ethical company.

That’s a misleading idea.

And it’s important that we CHANGE people’s perception about this because the “COMPANY” is not at fault for immoral, unethical, or illegal things – SOMEONE is.

If the company of Google is operating ethically now, that’s because of the people running it.

But we can’t say that Company IS that because it could change tomorrow.

People change their minds.

People change roles. Employees move on and leadership retires.

As a result, the underlying PEOPLE who make those decisions, change.

Please socialize this. There are companies in the world that get a bad reputation as though the COMPANY is bad. Nestle’s approach to water, Facebook’s impact on politics, BP’s approach to oil, etc. It’s important to socialize this because if not understanding it, then society blames “COMPANY” – FACEBOOK is doing it. Well no… Facebook isn’t doing it, people there are allowing/approving/deciding it.

If we want companies to be accountable, responsible, and that they operate morally and ethically, we have to point the finger at the people who aren’t, not the company that’s comprised of hundreds or thousands of people, most who just do a job under leadership (people) who might be making those questionable decisions.