What the rich do differently

photo of people using laptop
Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com


If you can earn twice as much while working twice as less, wouldn’t you grab that opportunity in an instant?

If you had a hen that can lay 3 eggs a day instead of just 1, wouldn’t you focus all of your efforts on making sure that this hen is well-fed?

I am asking you this question because I want you to know about the power of leverage. Take the lever for example. If you try to lift 5 sacks of cement at once, I am quite certain you won’t be able to lift it on your own (unless you are a world-class weightlifter!)

But by using the fulcrum as your leverage, you can probably lift all the 5 sacks at once. The lever and the fulcrum work together, allowing you to lift more with less effort.


Leverage allows you to do more with less. And when it comes to business, leverage allows you to achieve more without having to do all the work by yourself.

In the words of Robert Kiyosaki, “leverage is the reason some people become rich and others do not become rich.”

If you know how to use the power of leverage, you won’t have to work a day in your life again. Why? Because you can just let other people do the work for you!