Watch Out! Backpacks are Back for Women

Dressing for fashion week is a challenge to say the least. Trekking across London all day errday, what you really want to wear is jeans, trainers and a big comfy jumper.

And don’t even get us started on bags. Lugging a camera, laptop, purse, make up, all the essential snacks etc. around for the whole week in an oh-so-cute handbag might look dead chic, but the lopsided limp you’ll develop is totes not chic.

Well, we’re bringing back the backpack, and you should join us. Eastpak invited team Debrief to select some of their backpacks and style them up, so here’s how we’ll be wearing them this fashion week.

Vicky Spratt

Austin Black, £50.00

‘Friends and family have been telling me to get a backpack for years. I’ve always resisted, continuing to lug my entire life around on one shoulder. I’m wearing my Eastpak bag with a Shrimps coat, Ashley Williams hoodie and Converse. I stuck a fluffy pink keyring on it…because…well…why not.’ 

Natalia Bagniewska

Padded Pak’r Leather Special, £180.00

‘I’m a flats (preferably trainers) kinda gal, especially when trekking around London over Fashion Week. To me, trainers and backpacks are like coffee and donuts; a natural pairing. Very practical yet very stylish. Love this Eastpak bag as it’s navy leather (one my all time favorite colours along with camel, grey and black) with a great metallic bottom to jazz up any outfit. Goes with everything (in my wardrobe anyway!) What more could I ask for?!’

Chemmie Squier 

Krystal Waves, £40.00

‘This is a bit of a Mary Poppins bag – it looks small and compact, but you can actually get a hell of a lot in it. I kept my outfit pretty neutral because of the pattern, but whacked on some knee-high platform boots to dress it up a bit. It’s fashion week after all.’

Charlie Gowans-Eglington

Padded Pak’r Black Leather, £140.00

‘A black leather backpack is a no-brainer – a sleeker take on an everyday staple. I’ll pair mine with jeans and a trusty parka.’

Jess Commons

Wyoming Palmeral £175.00

‘Because of the amazing House of Hackney print, I decided to keep my clothes all black to make sure the print wasn’t overshadowed. Plus I feel like the simple texture of the coat works well with the more luxurious velvet of the backpack.’