5 Women’s Undies that Drive Men Crazy

  1. The strappy pants

    Remember when pants were just a piece of cotton that you wore over your bum to stop your vagina chaffing on your jeans? No longer my friend. These days they’ve got about seventeen pieces of string elastic making up the waist band. Not only does this mean constant readjustment every time you go to the loo but also, take them off at the end of the day and you look like you’ve been branded by a very territorial zebra but it sure sends men to heaven quickly.

  2. The cage bra

Today, bras, rather than being a simple pair of cups to house your breasticles, bras are literal prison houses for your boobs that seem intent not only on locking down your heaving bosom but also the rest of your chest. Someone’s going to choke themselves trying to take one of these off by the end of the year, mark my words.

Funny enough, men love the time spent cracking brains on how to bring the house crashing. 3. Lace bodies

All well and good but when are you actually meant to wear them? Wearing them under your clothes is a nightmare – there’s no crotchal closure meaning you have the take your dress off, pull down the straps and sit on the loo naked at work, OR you wear them during sexy time and struggle to get them off in a hurry. It’ll be like that time you tried to take your pants and tights off at the same time and ended up doing a weird shimmy shake thing down the bed. Very sexy, every man will admit.

4. High waisted pants

See also: high waisted swimsuits. Rather than being flattering and creating a lovely retro lady pin up shape, high waisted pants actually do completely the opposite and cling to all those places you feel a little insecure about. Thanks pants. Thanks.

5. The shortie robe

Obviously thrilling for wearing when greeting your sex partner at the door before pulling it back slowly to reveal any of the aforementioned underwear concepts but other than for those ten seconds, what’s it good for? Too thin to be good for warmth, too short to be practical and too sexy to layer over something warmer. In short, the shortie robe is the clothing equivalent of a chocolate covered brussell sprout; enticing to begin with but, in the end, utterly pointless.

However, the few seconds it takes to rip it off bring more energy to the action.

What’s your man’s favorite? Please pick a number if you dare.

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