Rihanna’s Best Coats Forever Loved By Moms.

Money ain’t a thing for Riri at all so we love to see her flaunt it. Her dress sense is captivating as ever, leaving behind both men and women with mouths wide open whether in athleisures or whatever style she chose.

Rihanna seems to have as many coats as she does number “ones”, approximately one thousand. No no no, I didn’t mean Drake, Jay-Z or Chris Brown.

Riri is not that type that would wear an anorak without furs. Never, unless it was lined with fur and had a zip that went up all the way up to the top.

Because Rihanna wears the kinds of coats your mum would send you to school in. Because your (very fashion-forward) mum knows that all you need in a coat is an ability to protect your vital organs in the winter and your modesty at the Grammys.

1. The massive hooded furry thing

Amazing! Rihanna looks like a big gorgeous kitten. Every mum’s dream. 2. The coat of an indeterminate colour

Whilst we’re unable to describe the colour of this jacket (is it olive? bronze?), it is immediately clear that it’s insulating and waterproof. Double tick.

3. The tuxedo that is a slim fit on a man but a dressing gown on a woman

It’s your classic warming oversized tux; a must-own so you don’t have to wait for your (possibly non-existent) boyfriend to give you his.

4. The cat skin

We would want to rub this very soft material across our face so it’s no wonder Rihanna wants to do the same thing with her entire body.

5. The dragon skin

You could obviously wear this jacket to the beach and have not a single drop of salt spray make contact with your body.

5. The two piece

Rihanna’s only gone and paired this with a hoodie to make a double-coat. Mums everywhere are screaming.

7. The coat that is genuinely heavy when you pick it up

Again, a jacket that looks cool but temperature-wise does the exact opposite.

8. The khaki delight

This heavy army jacket keeps you warm and brings the added bonus of camouflauge.

That guy who has nevertheless managed to spot her is probably texting his mum a picture of it, saying ‘hey, you will love this coat.’

He naturally does not let on that at this moment he is in fact outside and not wearing a coat himself.