Trump Jr. says his father will be a “President for all Americans”

Donald John Trump surely has a lot at hand – from a possible fallout with Russia to an expected withdrawal from Iran, but his son Donald Trump Jr. says Americans won’t be divided during his father’s reign as POTUS.

The younger Trump spoke with ABC News during Thursday’s celebrations in Washington ahead of America’s presidential inauguration held on Friday 20 January, 2017.

“After such a hard-fought battle, when you’re in this thing for 18 months, really almost two years, when you’re doing it every day, it takes a while to actually set in,” he said.

“Coming in yesterday, going to Arlington [U.S. National Cemetery], standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, it really all set in for the family.

“It was very special,” Trump’s son, one out of five siblings, told the news outlet.

Greg Burch, a lawyer who writes on Quora, argued that “nobody knows” if Trump’s leadership will be favorable to Americans and countries in the Middle East, including Russia, because the President never outlined his “policies” during the campaigns.

The lawyer believes Mr. President may chicken out on most of his campaign threats, and probably do the unthinkable when it is least expected.

“You’ll note that as he gets closer to being nominated as a candidate, the noises he is making have become more ‘moderate,'” Burch said.

“…As for starting a war [against Russia or China], I seriously doubt it. Maybe in a second term, if he gets elected the first time.”

Now that Trump has been inaugurated as America’s 45th President, his son who has played a big part in the run-up to yesterday’s event says he watched his father’s transformation throughout the nearly two-year presidential campaign.

Donald Trump Jr. says his father’s interaction with Americans during and after the hectic campaign period has changed the way POTUS thinks about some national issues.

“It’s one thing to be out there and talking, but there’s another thing when you see those Americans that he’s talking about that haven’t had a voice, those Americans who have watched their American dream shipped abroad, those Americans who have been through so many things,” he said.

“And you’re meeting them, and you’re seeing them face to face day in and day out for 18 months — you wouldn’t be human if that didn’t affect you.”

He continued in his explanations, saying, “It drives home the gravity of the situation. It drives home the importance of the office and what he can accomplish there and for how many people he can accomplish it.

“After a campaign like this one, I think it’s that he’s going to be a president for all Americans,” Donald Trump Jr. assured with strong confidence.

“It’s not for a select few. It’s not for some sort of special group. It’s for every single American, each and every one of us.

Donald Trump Jr. has five children with wife, Vanessa Trump. He feels overwhelmed by his father’s political achievement as a president of the United States of America.

“And I’m not a person that tends to look at those things that way,” he said.

“It’s truly special when you think of the significance and the history,” making reference to former American leaders who have had the great opportunity to live in the White House.

“Thinking about it and looking at the walls and all the things that happened here and the people who stayed here and the major decisions that have been made here — and that’s even before we get to the White House — it’s like something I’ve never felt before,” an excited Donald Trump Jr. said.