The US is Stopping Russia From Selling Advanced Fighter Jets to Iran.

The Russia government is once again creating deadlocks with plans to sell advanced fighter jets to Iran and the U.S. is ready to step in and stop the military trade relations.

A statement issued midweek by State Department rep Mark Toner confirmed to The Washington Free Beacon that the White House is against Moscow’s sale of advanced Sukhoi Su-30SM warplanes to Tehran.

It is understood that the sale of such war planes would violate the United Nations Security Council Resolution governing last year’s nuclear agreement between Iran and various Western powers.

Mark Toner told the Free Bacon that “In terms of the specific reports about the proposed sale of the Sukhoi Su-30SM multi-role fighter jets, for example, we would almost certainly veto such a sale, as provision of such equipment to Iran would further exacerbate existing tensions in the region.”

He also added that the U.N. Security Council Resolution 2231 “prohibits the sale to Iran of specified categories of conventional arms as defined for the purposes of the U.N. Register of Conventional Arms, without approval in advance on a case-by-case basis by the U.N. Security Council.”

That “includes the Su-30SM fighter,” according to Toner.

The airplane(s) in question was part of those recently used by the Russian military in the aggressive Syrian bombings.

The war planes are almost of the same destructive capability as the American F-15E Strike Eagle fighter-bomber.

President Vladimir Putin is allegedly politicizing the arms sale to Iran and China even as the UN has closed a nuclear deal with the country. His efforts is believed to be part of the planned moves aimed at making Russia a world superpower again.

On the other hand, Putin’s scheme could be another way of filling Russia’s purse and boosting the economy which has suffered years of international economic sanctions.  Russia is also experiencing low oil prices currently.

World politics is getting messier day by day. It is not clear yet if the UN Security Council will vote against Russia striking such business deals with Iran.

UN politics on the issue is dicey at the moment because China which was a part in the nuclear agreement negotiations is already a big buyer of such military hard wares from Russia.

China is an ally to Russia and both countries are bent on offering business agreements with Iran which has been struggling to boost its economy and military strength after many years of sanctions. 

Politics is like a game where there’s no permanent friend and no permanent enemy but a permanent interest.

Between Russia, US, China and Iran there are different motives pursued but of all these, bringing peace to the world and avoiding any chance that would see terrorists have access to nuclear weapons should be the priority.

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