Strategic management in multinational corporations

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USE DIAGRAMS and TABLES – with references and APPENDIX WITH A TITLE – each appendix should be relevant with paragraph narrative explaining images. USE free Grammarly – set to UK English dictionary

Cover Page – student number, title, date, word count

Executive summary – paragraph for each question +/- half a page – to a page – use question headings?

Table of Contents with page numbers

Introduction to report – overview – what is this REPORT about

Background (Key Data and trends) (Appendices where needed)  This means you can refer back to this section in each of the questions.

  • Country – scenarios
  • Industry definition (lifecycle?)
  • Corporate / Division / Business unit strategy for your MNC in industry in country?
  • Company summary – profitability? Scenario?


Open versus closed innovation (Q1) IS THERE A BACKWARDS LINK? FORWARD LINK

  • Intro – this section will deal with ……
  • Open/closed innovation What is it? Advantages / Limitations
  • Discuss the paradox.
  • Apply to company – strategic innovation? See De Wit and Meyer – chapter 9.
  • Porters Diamond in context of country competitiveness and relevance to company in respect of innovation and competition
  • Conclusion – this section has …


Internationalisation, Localisation and Competitiveness

  • Intro
  • Internationalisation, Localisation and Competitiveness  ie organisational configuration configuration, Glocal?  Uppsala Model. What is it? Advantages / Limitations See De Wit and Meyer Chapter 12
  • Discuss the paradox and recommendation of approach by MNC IN YOUR COUNTRY OF CHOICE and why
  • Generic strategies – What is it? Advantages / Limitations – why not Bowman strategy clock? See Johnson & Scholes Chapter 6 – RECOMMENDATION WITH TWO REASONS SFA comment?
  • Conclusion – this section has …


Organisational Purpose, Profitability and Social Responsibility IS THERE A BACKWARDS LINK? FORWARD LINK

  • Intro
  • Critically discuss ‘organisational purpose’, ‘corporate profitability’ and ‘corporate social responsibility’ – paradox see article “Emperors Clothes”, De Wit and Meyer Chapter 3 – paradox
  • What is your chosen company vision/mission/values– critical evaluation  – has it changed?
  • How does your MNC reconcile vision, mission, values and CSR, CSV, sustainability – to shareholders? Stakeholders? – legal duty? Caroll? ISO 26000 Roadmap? Global Reporting Initiative? 
  • What do Directors/ C-Suite say – in terms of leadership roles. Influence of Governance structure – Anglo Saxon versus European? See Johnson and Scholes – Leadership
  • Strategic Leadership (what is it?) See Johnson and Scholes chapter 12 & 14 – balancing MNC paradox CEO and Senior management team – org chart image– quotes from annual report – to press? Effects of COVID-19?
  • Conclusion

QUESTION 4 (300 words)

Personal reflections on learning

In 250‐300 words reflect on the impact of this assessment on your understanding of the Multinational corporations (MNCs) operating in an industry and country of your choice, inserting reflections on crisis management, suggesting how to plan prior to a rapid unexpected event such as coronavirus, and highlighting the key benefits and limitations of crisis management, in creating a culture for sustaining corporate profitability.

Intro to reflection

Model of reflection – Gibbs – Driscoll etc on own SKILLS

Action – crisis management befits?


FINAL CONCLUSION   What has this WHOLE report said?


+/- 30 references INCLUDING textbooks, MarketLine, 2020/21 annual report etc – remember – each table, graph MUST have a reference.

Appendix One – TITLE if required

Appendix Two – TITLE if required