How to revive the UK economy after COVID-19

The Covid-19 (a mutation of the SAARS[1] family of viruses) virus pandemic made its way across the borders of the United Kingdom, from Far East Asia, during January 2020. In response to this public health crisis, following the advice given to the Conservative UK government headed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson; by Epidemiologists, Medical Scientists, … Continue reading How to revive the UK economy after COVID-19

Global approach in whistleblower protection

3. Global approach in whistleblower protection According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE)[1], whistleblowers are responsible for detecting about 40% of all occupational fraud cases around the world but systemic setbacks make them vulnerable to retaliation. This evidence-based assertion aligns with claims by the American Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI) that reprisal attacks … Continue reading Global approach in whistleblower protection

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Whistleblower Protection and COVID-19

The pivotal role of accountability and transparency in building and maintaining public trust in organizations is indisputable. How the Chinese government and World Health Organization (WHO) undermined public health at the initial and peak stage of COVID-19 pandemic, and consequential global spread of the deadly virus, buttress this assertion. Good corporate governance therefore lends credence, … Continue reading Whistleblower Protection and COVID-19

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Do students really need professional academic writing service?

Students at all levels of education are using academic writing service to achieve their study goals, not because they are lazy or dumb, but because they need professional guidance in a circumstance where time is limited and excellence cannot be compromised. For these reasons and more, a lot of "smart" students, professors, company executives, and … Continue reading Do students really need professional academic writing service?

A comma can make all the difference

RELEASE, NOT TO BE EXECUTED!RELEASE NOT, TO BE EXECUTED! As you can see, the first sentence frees the convict, but the second condemns him to execution. Yet the only difference in the statements is the placement of comma. Imagine a judge sending the second with the intention of the first through ūüė≥. *Punctuations in sentences … Continue reading A comma can make all the difference

Pillars and models of Corporate Governance

Pillars of Corporate Governance In all ramifications of human endeavour, the foundation of corporate governance is the attitude and practice of the society. Inam (2006) postulated that these values are based on the following: 1) Accountability of power, based on the fundamental beliefs that power should be exercised to promote human well-being. 2) Democratic values, … Continue reading Pillars and models of Corporate Governance

How to write a job-winning CV

Writing your CV has changed over the last ten years. Gone are the days when you wrote your CV to¬†impress the hiring manager. Today you‚Äôre writing your CV to pass an applicant tracking system (ATS), and then the hiring manager review. I‚Äôve discussed extensively across this website¬†how to write your CV¬†to pass an ATS by … Continue reading How to write a job-winning CV

How to manage your asthma and other allergies

Consequences of Pandemics

Consequences of Pandemics Health Impacts The direct health impacts of pandemics can be catastrophic. During the Black Death, an estimated 30‚Äď50 percent of the European population perished (DeWitte 2014). More recently, the HIV/AIDS pandemic has killed more than 35 million persons since 1981 (WHO Global Health Observatory data,¬† Pandemics can disproportionately affect younger, more economically … Continue reading Consequences of Pandemics

Graduate Trainee 101

Graduate trainee is a nonspecific term for any employee with a higher degree in finance, management, human resources, social or other service, who is furthering his/her knowledge and experience through a formal programme of education. Graduate Trainee responsibilities include shadowing various staff members, participating in learning experiences, attending meetings and workshops, and traveling to other … Continue reading Graduate Trainee 101

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Consultancy report for a newspaper company

Consultancy Report to the Daily Sun on how it can¬†compete in a declining market EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report examines the challenges facing Nigeria‚Äôs Daily Sun newspaper as an agent of change and watchdog of the society. It reviews the survival strategies adopted by the company in its strategic business of nation-building and interfacing between the … Continue reading Consultancy report for a newspaper company