Personal Statement for admissions (Medicine & Health)

The human body is a complex structure of unique beauty; and, the ever-evolving nature of medical science, as well as the fulfillment one derives from different healthcare practices, inspired my pursuit for a higher-level research program medicine. Combined with my love of science, especially Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics, I feel that a career in medicine and health would be perfect to me.

My love of science originates from an accidental fall I suffered at a young age, and watching the doctor conduct a knee-jerk reflex test at the clinic. An intriguing observation of the mallet hitting my knees, and the subsequent response, proved medicine to be a tough but enormously gratifying field. Further discussions with doctors during my experience and on a personal level tickled my inquisitive mind, particularly in the field of Biology and Human Anatomy.

My love of the sciences is reflected in my A-Level courses, which helped improve my analytical skills, critical reasoning, data-processing and problem-solving skills, as well as laid a solid background for my career in medicine. For my inclination to biochemistry, I was offered H3 Pharmaceutical Chemistry, which widened my knowledge on the effects of drugs on the human body and presented an important understanding which I am sure will prove useful in my future academic engagements.

I am a mature student with perfect understanding that compassion, determination and commitment are pre-requisite qualities required to establish my career as a qualified medical and healthcare professional. In addition to my enthusiasm for developing health knowledge, I feel obligated towards assisting people to lead an improved lifestyle. Caring for patients, young or old, especially those with age-related illnesses and others with varied degrees of injuries, are a passion I have nurtured for years.

I attained a range of healthcare experiences while working in the Singapore Armed Forces, where my potentials as a budding medical practitioner were harnessed through a wide-ranged healthcare setting and top-notch health infrastructure. During my full-time posting at the Army Training Evaluation Centre as a Training Analysis Specialist, I rendered assistance in analysing troops performances during training, prepared comprehensive ICT-aided reports and results, and effectively managed admin support assistants under the Training Analysis Branch. These activities enhanced my interpersonal relationship skills, including the ability to listen, take control and aid with empathy. As a proactive observer, I learned that healthcare requires excellent communication, team-building skills, and professionalism to function efficiently. In furtherance, I gained insight in the roles played by trust, honesty, reliability, punctuality, dedication to work and cheerfulness, without which colleagues, patients and management cannot make meaningful progress. In the job which lasted between July 2013 to February 2015, I received the commander’s letter of appreciation for my contributions, an achievement which buttresses the fact that practicality and resourcefulness are attributes honed during healthcare placements and broadened with a higher-level course in the field.

My dedication to studying Medicine was the sole reason I participated in a job shadowing programme at a local hospital, where I was assigned to the Gastroenterology department, under tutelage from a medical officer. This learning course unveiled the real, rigorous life of a doctor, but despite the daunting challenges of the invaluable profession, I am self-motivated, goal-driven and tenacious towards achieving my life dream no matter the sacrifice.

I am currently enrolled as a bachelor’s degree student (Medical Science) at University of New South Wales, and this renowned university provides an ideal opportunity for career development through well-structured learning programs, top-class academic facilities, experienced lecturers, responsive student support staff, and a level playing ground for international students.

To enlighten myself and keep up with the latest trends in medicine and healing methods, I am devoted to reading journals, magazines and news articles. I have also undertaken independent research in the field for a conviction that this course will present further knowledge in physiology, anatomy, biology and mould me into a confident, knowledgeable, qualified and pre-emptive medical professional.

I developed competitive leadership knowledge as a vice-president, Humanities and Current Affairs Society between May 2011 to May 2012, and held positions as Social Director, Secretary, President and current Treasurer of Singapore Students’ Association at UNSW since 2015. “Walking Tours”, a learning journey for peers to see the relevance of humanities in Singapore context, was my brainchild.

I participated in various community involvement programmes (CIP) both locally and overseas, particularly in Shanghai, China, where I helped refurbish some village schools by organizing a block party to encourage interactions between neighbours.

I am dedicated learner and a potential asset to my community, with proven capabilities to handle the challenges of being a medical student and doctor. It would be a joy for me to work as a doctor for charities, as well as help people in Singapore and other parts of the world.