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Chimezie Irobiko, better known as Mezie, is a sound design and professional composer with over 7 years in the music industry. He was born in Stalowa Wola, the largest city and capital of Stalowa Wola County situated in south-eastern Poland. He started as an electro music DJ in 2010 and has blossomed into an active entertainment mogul, cultural innovator, and music impresario.

Mezie is the founder of a popular internet forum with Club Music. Additionally, he has composed several tracks for large-scale public events. In his mission to add some zing to the greatest and most universal dance music, he channeled his unique and diverse life experiences into a special brand of music and restored life to the dance floor, airwaves, and won the hearts of many music lovers.

Less than a month after he set out on the mission to carve a niche for himself in the music industry, he received a private message from a local DJ who recognized him as his long-time schoolmate. The reunion marked his unexpected but rewarding exit from Club Music. His affiliation with the Polish disc jockey proved a solid platform for further business relationships with revered icons, songwriters, performers, business managers and recording artists.

Mezie’s first impromptu performance test was at a club party. He was in the company of a DJ as a keen observer, startled by the high-tech equipment and its complex music production capabilities. After about an hour of intense study, the jock decided to go for a drink, leaving him alone, stunned, dumbfounded and anxious behind the console. This challenging situation signifies a break-point in what has metamorphosed into a fulfilling career.

The DJ’s life revolves around observing people, events and moods while making a perfect symphony of all. Watching music lovers move in synchronized rhythms gladdens his heart. On that memorable day at the club, he employed his innate ability to glean through chaos to order and vice versa. His characteristic composure, vision and broadcasting skills shone bright like the stars as he strikingly enhanced the tempo with stirring beats although the transition between tracks weren’t flat as he wished but the joy of practicing in such a bigger stage laid a solid foundation in his music career.

The brilliant club experience ushered in dreams of emerging as a daunting force in the industry, so he bought his first learning kit (2xPioneer CDJ-100s + Reloop RM-2000 PRO), with which he practiced and honed his skills in the comfort of his private home. Gradually, his ground-breaking gigs started with recording sets, broadcasting on internet radio, local clubs and occasional larger format events.

The year 2013 marked a turning point in Mezies’s career; he secured a chance to showcase his skills before an estimated audience of 3,000 people at a dugout in southern Poland, where he commendably thrilled everyone to exceptionally good music.

His subsequent journey to the capital of Great Britain offered him a chance to form acquaintance with his compatriot, a Polish DJ whose trust, support and encouragement proved another path to further milestones. He has since embraced diversity with a combination of various types of House, Techno and Drum ‘n’ Bass in a genre-defying style.

Since the beginning of 2107, DJ Mez has been an influencer, with offers snowballing from all angles. He has an impressive knowledge of music. Only recently, he boldly reclaimed his magical feeling by artfully collaborating with the Republic Artists Records group after he won a contract to perform at The EGG, a prestigious underground club in central London.

Deejay Mez has partnered with some big names behind the music such as Matador, Pan-Pot, Christian Burkhardt, Warboy, Nick Elia, Elek-Fun, Thomas Tesla, and Sendlak Siasia. Uniting with these iconic musicians and learning from their rich sounds, ideas and extensive knowledge added a new voice to his overall performance and image – an indication of what curiosity and an undying passion for success can achieve in any individual.

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