Sample Statement of Purpose (SoP) for Computer Science

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The plethora of successes recorded by mankind from the Stone Age to this era of technological and computing revolution is, without doubts, championed by the  IT industry. We have enjoyed a rapid transformation in the way we live, study, think and socialize thanks to the dynamism of this academic field to which I want to dedicate my entire life researching for new ideas, updating existing theories and enhancing its practicability.

Computer Science comes naturally to me, for I have always enjoyed dabbling with gadgets and experimenting with different applications, an experience which proves to me that there are endless prospects for scientific discoveries, personal development, and career opportunities. I am keen on pursuing a master’s degree program to equip myself with the prerequisite qualification for a competitive career on the world stage.

I have conviction that my extensive and practical academic background, which I will describe below, has fully prepared me for a challenging experience as a research student at your institution of higher learning. My analytical and problem-solving skills played important roles in the development of a program (a push-box solver created from backtracking algorithm) for solving Sudoku puzzles. I am a regular competitor in Google Code Jam which comes up yearly and, although I am yet to reach its 1st Round, I have always sailed through the qualification rounds. I have taken Coursera courses and other online programs as well as completed a machine learning course from Andrew Ng. In addition, I love watching educative YouTube videos, particularly its 3blue1bron channel which is popular for its nice, small playlists on various computer science topics.

I am a self-motivated, curious and tenacious individual with excellent communication/inter-personal relationship skills, love for team work, enthusiasm for group achievements and tremendous drive to make meaningful contributions in my academic environment. I understand the need for respect, obedience, punctuality, focus, as well as active contributions in academics, seminars, community projects, and networking with members of the academe — for without these — the university’s goals as an ivory tower cannot be achieved.

This program will prepare me as a player in this ongoing computing revolution which I am confident will go beyond constructions, vehicles, and household items among others, in coming years. As an out-of-the-box thinker, I do not wish to remain grounded in software and web apps building alone; I am aiming at acquiring knowledge for big systems designing and having the wherewithal to come up with computer-based solutions to a variety of problems. For example, I want to redesign an aerial drone chassis which will be famed for its lightweight and unprecedented effectiveness. In furtherance, updates on artificial intelligence (AI) technology which I see on Person of Interest (a TV series) shows there are so much to exploit in Computer Science and I really want to be part of the success story. For this purpose, I look forward to an active involvement in rigorous research processes on AI, Robotics, Computational Methods, Machine Learning and more which I cannot learn as a self-educator.

With a 7.03 CGPA in Computer Science from BITS Pilani, Goa, over 2 years’ field experience as a full stack web developer, and a 1st prize won at Stayzilla Hack-weekend in 2016, among other career achievements, l desire further study in a country considered as the pacesetter in computing and technological innovations. In addition, your reputable university offers interesting research facilities, computing resources, competitive academic and community projects as well as provides a renowned and effective team of lecturers endowed with proven experience required to guide students in a fascinating multicultural setting most suitable for an all-round development. These are some of my reasons for applying to join your MSc program in Computer Science.

Statement of Purpose (SOP) for Economics


Harvard students

My aspiration to enroll for an undergraduate study in Economics stemmed from an innate curiosity in world economic development and how the intriguing theories in this field of learning applies to real-life situations. For example, the American and Chinese economies continue to wax stronger notwithstanding the impact from global recession, increasing oil prices and fluctuating exchange rates in international markets, whereas development indicators in most countries keep dropping to an abysmally low point.

In recent years, I have been a keen observer of current trends in global economics and its impact in our complex, unbalanced and constantly evolving socio-political systems. Besides academic studies, I find business-related information to be exceedingly appealing; also, my love for interrelated publications from magazines and books such as The Economist, Financial Times and John Cassidy’s How Markets Fail, has evoked predominant inclination to various topics such as International Trade, Inflation, Production & Distribution and many others which provided a foundational background for further studies and nurtured my interest to be actively involved in these areas soon.

I am currently studying for International Baccalaureate Diploma in Beijing, having spent the last 10 years in South Africa, Malaysia and China-based American schools respectively. My current lessons on Economic Development have been quite stimulating, and I find topics on International Aid & Third World Debt to be interestingly investigative and argumentative from both theoretical and realistic views. Studies in History, Mathematics and Geography have also widened my perspective in Economics. Having discovered the complexities and inter-dependent nature of these subjects through an insight in these theories, principles and concepts – the Classical, Keynesian and Public Choice theories, finance, labour market, and demand curves – my craving for higher knowledge can only gain satisfaction with a university education. Yet, I must humbly admit that learning is a life-time process; there is so much to learn in this vast and complicated discipline.

Economics, these days, is all about statistical analysis and mathematics. During one of my part-time jobs at a finance house full of stock brokers, accountants, insurance undertakers and many others, I discovered the fascinating workings of market forces. The understanding of what goes on around me, how people with adequate skills are making great efforts to apply control, and how disappointing results were sometimes unavoidable, inspired a burning desire in me.

The career options and gains of being a well-trained economist are invaluable and very attractive because the subject touches almost every aspect of human activities, affects political decisions and is applicable in our daily lives. In furtherance, it is sure to open a myriad of doors for me to develop at my own pace. Therefore, a chance to study and graduate as an alumnus at your university would be a dream come true, one that will provide a boost in my personal, social and future-academic engagements. Additionally, my future goal is to have a fulfilling career as a professor of economics whose contributions to the field’s development will leave a mark in the sands of time.

I am a self-motivated team-player with good interpersonal relationship/communication skills, problem-solving skills, effective time management skills, and an ability to think rationally, having held a position of responsibility as a prefect in my school. I humbly consider myself an active, sociable and optimistic student. I have been a member of the after-school economics workshop, where we enthusiastically discussed current affairs and debated about economic theories. My participation in sports – ping pong and volleyball – taught me self-discipline, obedience to rules and the importance of cooperation.

As a student in a multicultural student community like yours, I am certain to thrive under guidance from your team of esteemed professors and experienced lecturers by applying my acquired knowledge and initiatives in group discussions, team assignments and private tasks. It would be highly motivating to gain a chance to hone my competence in economics theory and practice through exchange of ideas and networking with my peers en route our quests for true wisdom. This opportunity will enable me to contribute meaningfully towards the growth of my university.

Sample Statement of Purpose (SoP) for Electrical Engineering


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The 21st century is certainly an era of information revolution; it is dynamically and purposefully driven by telecommunication which has evolved from analog to wireless 4G networks, among other incredible life-changing achievements and impact on our living standard, work and business processes, thought patterns and behavior, particularly in the way we socialize. The amazing development in science and technology enhanced our freedom of access to information anywhere and anytime, as well as redefined the concept of connectivity.

My fascination for science and technology, and keen interest in the fast-advancing field of Electrical Engineering, was evoked after I discovered the invaluable contributions which engineers offer to mankind. They are not only committed to serving the society and championing the welfare and progress of the majority, but continuously transforming nature and constantly increasing our awareness and control of the world. Engineering has saved mankind from superstition and bestowed upon us a clearer understanding of the universe to make life worth living.

I love engineering because I adore the way humanity has always sought to transcend barriers by learning, innovating and challenging existing technical and scientifc theories to change our own part of the universe. Although I enjoyed mathematics and physics in college, my elder brother (a professional electrical engineer) unknowingly evoked curiosity in me during his mini project. I was intrigued by the knowledge and skills at his disposal during that bot-making assignment after which I got inclined towards the electrical engineering field and later gained exposure to courses on Control Systems, Electromagnetic Field, Power Electronic, Electrical Measurements, Electronics, Linear Integrated Circuits, Pulse & Digital Circuits, Digital Signal Processing etc.

During my undergraduate studies at Savtribai Phule Pune University, Pune, I proved myself a self-motivated, focused and determined fast learner despite the financial and emotional obstacles I faced with my grandfather’s death. I am skilled in time-management and have the ability to effectively handle multiple tasks. My educational achievements include: an aggregate score of 49.82 and the successful completion of a project on Prepaid Meter Energy with Auto Theft Detection using GSM. I have an above-average knowledge of Microsoft Office Applications, PLC and SADA, as well as possess excellent interpersonal and language skills.

My belief is that every engineer has an inescapable duty to hold the prestige of this humble profession in high regard and ensure its effective execution. This is my objective with the master’s degree course at  Grenoble Institute of Technology, Grenoble, a school renowned for its academic excellence and max practical sessions.

With this higher-level research program in electrical engineering, I am sure to acquire the broad knowledge needed to make meaningful contributions toward developing this academic field, as well as gain a favorable disposition to compete at the global stage.

Best Personal Statement for Pain Fellowship


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Pain is a terrible feeling dreaded by both adults and children, myself included.

I vividly remember a few times with my grandmother when I discovered the excruciating pains she felt while walking or chewing solid foods; her life epitomized that of an individual wholly defeated by chronic and relentless pain. Watching her endure discomfort exceedingly crushed my heart that I wished for a way to provide some temporary or permanent relief. Her irascibilities and our endless visits to the specialists proved abortive, for it was in the 1990’s and India’s health system was at its infantile stage.

Pain management represents a specialty which perfectly aligns with my personality and life dreams, for I am intrigued by the relationship between the cerebral requirements of internal medicine and procedural skill of surgery. Among all the rotations in residency programs, I am particularly interested in pain medicine. In addition, performing different procedures which have instantaneous effects on patients’ relief and stability provides me with great joy.

My time at Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, USA in July 2017 granted me an opportunity to familiarize with the workings of a pain management clinic. I observed the use of latest equipment in the operating room, got accustomed with the U.S. medical trends, and learned of nerve blocks used to relieve chronic pain. The impact of easing pain in patients impressed me so much that I considered enrolling for a pain management fellowship.

My life goal is to make meaningful contributions toward invigorating the field of anaesthesiology and impacting on people’s productivity and quality of life through effective pain eliminating procedures. Besides acquiring a broad-based clinical knowledge and having an undying passion for basic sciences such as neurophysiology, pharmacology and neuroanatomy, it is inspiring to know that I would be present in a patient’s life starting from an IV in pre-operative unit to their stable transfer en route to post-anaesthesia care unit. I aspire to devote 100% effort to active patient care, especially at the critical points of my patients’ lives.

I am eager to pursue pain fellowship for an opportunity to display specialized skills by handling a wide range of medical procedures and facing cognitive challenges as well. I hold a Ph D. in the Anaesthesia, Surgical ICU & Pain Management and have handled a wide range of cases in neurosurgery, obstetrics, urology, orthopaedics, gynaecology and general surgeries, as well as acquired confidence through responsible and effective handling of various cases independently. I am most fascinated by the mix of internal medicine and anaesthesia skills required to function efficiently in pain management for critically-ill patients. I consider these aspects of modern intensive therapy both challenging and intriguing to have spurred my desire for a fellowship program where I look forward to updating my clinical and research skills through rigorous processes.

The bountiful experience gained with surgical teams during my Anaesthesiology residency program at Henry Ford Health System broadened my horizons in the field and had a great impact on my interpersonal relationship and communication skills, as well as boosted my confidence as a team player. As a research associate with strong base in medical knowledge, I desire a chance to refine my procedural skills through an ideal pain management platform where I can improve and excel as an efficient, caring and competent anaesthesiologist.

My experience with managing difficult tasks on a patient’s recurring pain proves there are several clinical and psychological issues which require a multidisciplinary approach for lasting solutions. Therefore, embarking on this exciting journey with your esteemed and enviable fraternity of physicians will be a lifelong experience, one which will enable me to collaborate, sensitize and inspire my compatriots to collectively tackle the health challenges faced by a developing countries like India and across the globe.

I look forward to practising chronic pain management after this fellowship program while waggling between practical anaesthesiology and perioperative medicine to help others live a pain-free life.

Sample Statement of Purpose for BBA (Law) & LLB


It takes perseverance, tremendous drive and focus to be an achiever; and, having long-term goals often serves as a dim light towards the edge of any seemingly endless tunnel. My efforts to acquire a double degree – BBA (Law) & LLB – was roused by an innate character which often drives me towards intellectual enrichment. Importantly, a combination of life experiences, foundational education and burgeoning career have played huge roles in sculpting me into an ambitious person and attending law school is my next propitious adventure.

Surrounded by business conversations at the dinner table since a young age, my interest in exploring various kinds of business strategies and disciplines have grown over the years. My first time in a business planning process was during junior form, when I had an opportunity to design and order notebooks for sale, list financial income and outcome, and sort out data. During this process, I found the complex-yet-orderly nature of business very fascinating. Reflecting on the past now, I reckon that the importance of having a group of people with the same vision to unite in order to effectively utilize the skills and resources is the essence of business. Moreover, through my daily observation, I also realized that business is all about creatively transforming and improving the everyday world. Hoping to meet people’s needs has affirmed my passion towards business.

I have conviction that my prospects of a law school are certain rather than a probability, having devoted my undergraduate years and beyond towards acquiring all necessary skills, knowledge and mental toughness required for an admission. My professional career is suitably projected between law and finance, which are agreeably a flawless combination.

I enrolled for an International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) to boost my chances of enjoying a successful program at the reputable Hong Kong University, which boasts of producing the first team to efficaciously control the corona virus, commonly known as the causal agent of SARS. My experience at the HKU Summer Institute was memorable; I exchanged ideas with a few students and was thrilled to know that the university’s mix of comprehensive teaching and highly interactive education is second to none. They never stopped talking about how their lecturers’ professionalism, commitment and advanced research techniques helped transform them into all-rounded and disciplined students.

For its long list of renowned buildings/faculties, well-structured academic and research program, track record of achievements in different fields, quality teaching staff, and flexible academic calendar, HKU is my best choice for an LLB (Law) degree. My online study shows your university ranks first in Hong Kong; 3rd globally, according to Top Universities’ international outlook. In furtherance, the institution is 1st in Dentistry around the world, a position it has maintained for a consecutive second year, among other milestones.

I am very passionate about law and my leadership experience as an ex-Vice President of the Students’ Union, co-founder of a Students’ Magazine Club and IB Diploma equipped me with the confidence, excellent interpersonal/leadership skills, management shrewdness, analytical and empirical reasoning, and a burning desire for self-development which I require to excel under guidance from your team of experiences lecturers who I am convinced, will drill me to perfection with their professional knowledge and intensive training. I consider myself a smart and highly-motivated student with a penchant for broad education which, for me, is a prerequisite towards enjoying flexibility in my career choices.

With a degree from HKU, I will have the expertise to gallantly waggle between Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, as well as other legal and accounting professions. In addition to advancing my career, it will also enhance my contributions to building a world of equality, justice and fairness. The potentials are limitless.

Hong Kong is recognized as the international business hub, and serves as a fascinating, exciting and inspiring academic environment for the study and practice of law. I am therefore keen to join the list of proud Hong Kong University graduates who are playing a bigger, more challenging and relevant roles in business and humanitarian law, among other boundless horizons around the world.

I have the technical aptitude to excel in the field of law and I believe my background, maturity, and professional experience will form the basis of my unique contributions to the profession and management at HKU. It is my hope that these points will sufficiently qualify me for a spot in your LLB (Law) program.

Sample Statement of Purpose (RAMS)

Risk has taken a central position as one of the most significant modern-day concepts, for the world has fallen victim to several catastrophic disasters which provoke growing concerns and a need to concentrate on the daily hazards associated with a wide range of activities such as construction of complex buildings, operations of chemical plants, use of air, road, sea and rail transport etc. It is agreeable that the most trivial error in car mechanics, for example, can cause brake failure and result in life-threatening accidents. Ensuring that humans and the environment are kept relatively safe from imminent threats in a world of complex products and systems is therefore a sole responsibility of RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety), to which I am humbly indebted.

I am particularly fascinated by the increasing complexity of modern systems and products. Most technical inventions are an assemblage of electronics, mechanical components and software. Notably, the global relations between these interwoven technical systems and the socio-economical structures have become closely intertwined and yet, inter-dependent. A close observation of the oil & gas, space and nuclear industries shows some structured approaches have been applied to quantitatively predict RAMS product/system performance, and systematically pinpoint and eliminate unwanted RAMS characteristics. Despite the recorded successes, there’s great need for continuous upgrading and enhancement of the current approaches for efficiency and accuracy.

While other industries are yet to embrace the value of RAMS despite the skyrocketing liability claims due to harm caused by product defects; product recalls and its characteristic financial losses; as well as the increasing chunk of gross sales munched by warranty costs, it is my desire to acquire a broad view in this technical field through master thesis and project works at the renowned Norwegian University of Science & Technology.

Completing a master’s degree program at your institution will bolster my knowledge, skills and professional competence; it will also aid my life-dream of playing a prominent part in sensitizing customers, governments and industries on the need for RAMS while building on my proficiency in NASTRAN, ANSA and PERMAS, among others.

During my undergraduate studies at Viswanadha Institute of Technology & Management (2011), where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Engineering, and later at GITAM University (Masters in CAD/CAM), I proved myself a proactive, performance-driven, and dynamic team player with demonstrated leadership skills. In my four-year professional experience, I have worked on different automotive CAE projects, particularly on HyperMesh and HyperView, as well as OptiStruct and Abaqus. My core competencies include some experience in surface-based modelling, shell meshing, and solid meshing. I am also conversant with CAD (CATIA & Pro/Engineer); Programming basics in Python & Tel/Tk; MS Office Applications (Word, Excel and PowerPoint); and CAE (HyperWorks, Abacus etc.)

In addition to my current job responsibilities as a Technical Leader in CAE department at Hyundai Mobis India Research & Development Private Limited, I have proficiency in performing squeal prediction and counter measure study on Conventional Brake system, Torque analysis of Drum Brake, Pressure analysis of Disc Brake, material correlation, modal analysis of different components of Brake system, Shape optimization and topology optimization of Brake components. Remarkably, I earned recognition from Central Institute of Tool Design in 2013 for my analytic, creative, technical, troubleshooting, result-oriented and error-proof skills.

I am highly motivated and curious about the most effective ways of enhancing product safety and circumventing technical faults in systems. As a prospective graduate student who is intrigued by theoretical and practical problems, I believe that my experience with various modules of an automobile, which has equipped me with an indebt knowledge of several safety measures, and an idea about better alternatives to fossil fuels, deserve thorough vetting at the Norwegian University of Science & Technology. Under guidance from your team of highly experienced professors and lecturers, I am anxious to learn about the recent developments in analytical techniques such as computer modelling of risk, reliability and safety problems, including the following fascinating courses: Human Factors Method, Systems Reliability, Data Analysis and Stimulation, Risk Assessment & Safety Management, Learning from Disasters, Environmental Impact Assessment etc.

The higher-level research courses aim to provide students with an understanding of safety, risk and reliability engineering in both qualitative and quantitative manner, and to develop the skills to apply this understanding in the professional world. Acquainting myself with the recent developments in analytical techniques – computer modelling of risk, reliability and safety problems – would also be an added boost to my flourishing career.

All study and no play make a mess of students’ general wellbeing so, I enjoy rewinding from the hassles of academic life by traveling, learning languages, watching educative movies and swimming.

My long-term goal is to pursue a profession in teaching and research in the field of mechanical engineering, and I am convinced that studying for a Master of Science degree at one of Europe’s largest academic environment will be a great privilege, one that I intend to appreciate by making meaningful contributions towards achieving both personal and institutional goals.

I look forward to receiving a favorable response from your admissions committee.

Statement of Purpose for PhD.

I am fascinated by the paradox of life: how genes and proteins regulate and function in an organism; how humans draw breath; and the intricate working of cells, especially the brain which, just like nature, is all about synchronization. Initial curiosities led me into the captivating world of sciences, and this innate character gained impetus during my undergraduate/post graduate studies at Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata, India.

My doctoral study is a watershed in the journey of education, not as an end but a means to achieving life-fulfilling careers in our world-shattering workplace where the field of science has opened opportunities for growth in newer dimensions. A perfect mix of theory and practical knowledge in molecular biology, biochemistry, and computational biology spurred my aspiration as an ever-inquisitive physician, biologist and medical practitioner who aims to properly identify, explore, and discover multifarious mysteries of the inner workings of life in our micro-universe.

My interest in life sciences was born of a need to meaningfully contribute towards improving lives, not only in India, but in all parts of the world by eradicating all setbacks in the global health care system, and I am delighted to be getting closer to achieving this goal. I come from India, one of the worst-hit developing countries in terms of pathetically backward medical conditions – a continual increase in maternal/child death rate, low standard of living, inadequate healthcare facilities, as well as prevalent curable diseases killing a shocking number in the densely populated country.

During my previous studies, I was intrigued by disease and infection biology, which acquainted me with vast knowledge and skills needed for a higher-level research and inspired my agitation to touch lives with further trainings. I learned about Advanced Genetic Engineering, Advanced Enzyme Technology, Advanced Food Biotechnology, among others, in my 2-year master’s degree program and graduated with a 9.01 GPA on a scale of 10. I humbly perceive the rewarding effort as an underlying motivator to further educational milestones –  a certification of course completion on Preparation for Introductory Technology: DNA to Organisms from University of California (2014); DNA from Structure to Therapy awarded by Jacob’s University, Bremen, Germany (2014); special recognition from West Bengal State Council of Science & Technology and National Council for Science, Technology and Communication, DST, New Delhi (2013); an outstanding paper award in Medical Science at the First Regional Science & Technology Congress (2016), and another such award from the 24th West Bengal Science & Technology Congress in 2017.

Considering the recorded academic achievements and my interest in Microbial pathogenesis, Host-pathogen interactions, Medical Microbiology, Molecular mechanism of diseases & immune response, and Molecular modelling & drug designing, I have great confidence that I will benefit from further challenging researches at your reputable university with interesting structures and highly organized PhD program considered among the world’s elite institutions. As a Teaching Assistant at Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata, the blossoming career draws inspiration from my painstaking pursuit for self-development through unrelenting academic studies, competent skills and proven knowledge gained through thorough researches, conferences, trainings, and internships. Remarkably, the broadened understanding I gathered in my post-graduate dissertation on Staphylococcus aureus biofilm infections, as well as the time I spent as an undergraduate intern at the National Institute of Cholera & Enteric Diseases and National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, gave me a foundational experience on disease biology through laboratories with prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems, where I discovered my niche in studying how the cell’s own processes propel regeneration of damaged or diseased tissue.

The highlight of my post-graduate years was the invaluable opportunity I had to practicalize my acquired skills and knowledge by thoroughly observing, analysing, recording, and theorizing on different concepts in the field of life science. Sharing of ideas and love for new developments in science have always been a source of joy to me, as well as a chance to indulge my creative thinking and empirical reasoning – this made my academic presentations a good bargain.

My long-term career goal is to become an independent researcher, one who is currently interested in carrying out investigations on pathogenesis pathway and bacterial communication systems to gain a better insight on quorum sensing, signalling and mechanism involved in bacterial virulence to facilitate drug discovery. I have good interpersonal relationship skills, excellent command of English language, and quality leadership skills as a president and co-founder of a government-registered NGO, A.M.R.A., which provides education for underprivileged kids. In addition, I previously held the position of a director, Interact Club (a student wing of Rotary International).

I have conviction that an admission for a doctorate program in your university under guidance from your team of experienced professors and well-trained researchers will guarantee a chance for me to utilize my skills and exploit previously unknown areas. This wonderful prospect guaranteed by your superior research facilities will not only enhance my teaching-learning experience but guarantee growth on my 2-year career as a Teaching Assistant at Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata, India.

It is therefore my humble wish to gain admission for a PhD. program at your prestigious university.

Personal Statement for admissions (Medicine & Health)

The human body is a complex structure of unique beauty; and, the ever-evolving nature of medical science, as well as the fulfillment one derives from different healthcare practices, inspired my pursuit for a higher-level research program medicine. Combined with my love of science, especially Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics, I feel that a career in medicine and health would be perfect to me.

My love of science originates from an accidental fall I suffered at a young age, and watching the doctor conduct a knee-jerk reflex test at the clinic. An intriguing observation of the mallet hitting my knees, and the subsequent response, proved medicine to be a tough but enormously gratifying field. Further discussions with doctors during my experience and on a personal level tickled my inquisitive mind, particularly in the field of Biology and Human Anatomy.

My love of the sciences is reflected in my A-Level courses, which helped improve my analytical skills, critical reasoning, data-processing and problem-solving skills, as well as laid a solid background for my career in medicine. For my inclination to biochemistry, I was offered H3 Pharmaceutical Chemistry, which widened my knowledge on the effects of drugs on the human body and presented an important understanding which I am sure will prove useful in my future academic engagements.

I am a mature student with perfect understanding that compassion, determination and commitment are pre-requisite qualities required to establish my career as a qualified medical and healthcare professional. In addition to my enthusiasm for developing health knowledge, I feel obligated towards assisting people to lead an improved lifestyle. Caring for patients, young or old, especially those with age-related illnesses and others with varied degrees of injuries, are a passion I have nurtured for years.

I attained a range of healthcare experiences while working in the Singapore Armed Forces, where my potentials as a budding medical practitioner were harnessed through a wide-ranged healthcare setting and top-notch health infrastructure. During my full-time posting at the Army Training Evaluation Centre as a Training Analysis Specialist, I rendered assistance in analysing troops performances during training, prepared comprehensive ICT-aided reports and results, and effectively managed admin support assistants under the Training Analysis Branch. These activities enhanced my interpersonal relationship skills, including the ability to listen, take control and aid with empathy. As a proactive observer, I learned that healthcare requires excellent communication, team-building skills, and professionalism to function efficiently. In furtherance, I gained insight in the roles played by trust, honesty, reliability, punctuality, dedication to work and cheerfulness, without which colleagues, patients and management cannot make meaningful progress. In the job which lasted between July 2013 to February 2015, I received the commander’s letter of appreciation for my contributions, an achievement which buttresses the fact that practicality and resourcefulness are attributes honed during healthcare placements and broadened with a higher-level course in the field.

My dedication to studying Medicine was the sole reason I participated in a job shadowing programme at a local hospital, where I was assigned to the Gastroenterology department, under tutelage from a medical officer. This learning course unveiled the real, rigorous life of a doctor, but despite the daunting challenges of the invaluable profession, I am self-motivated, goal-driven and tenacious towards achieving my life dream no matter the sacrifice.

I am currently enrolled as a bachelor’s degree student (Medical Science) at University of New South Wales, and this renowned university provides an ideal opportunity for career development through well-structured learning programs, top-class academic facilities, experienced lecturers, responsive student support staff, and a level playing ground for international students.

To enlighten myself and keep up with the latest trends in medicine and healing methods, I am devoted to reading journals, magazines and news articles. I have also undertaken independent research in the field for a conviction that this course will present further knowledge in physiology, anatomy, biology and mould me into a confident, knowledgeable, qualified and pre-emptive medical professional.

I developed competitive leadership knowledge as a vice-president, Humanities and Current Affairs Society between May 2011 to May 2012, and held positions as Social Director, Secretary, President and current Treasurer of Singapore Students’ Association at UNSW since 2015. “Walking Tours”, a learning journey for peers to see the relevance of humanities in Singapore context, was my brainchild.

I participated in various community involvement programmes (CIP) both locally and overseas, particularly in Shanghai, China, where I helped refurbish some village schools by organizing a block party to encourage interactions between neighbours.

I am dedicated learner and a potential asset to my community, with proven capabilities to handle the challenges of being a medical student and doctor. It would be a joy for me to work as a doctor for charities, as well as help people in Singapore and other parts of the world.

Sample Statement of Purpose for Management Science and Engineering


“I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.”  – Albert Einstein

I believe the knowledge we acquire in schools and colleges is not education, but a means to it. I am curios towards exploration, with the belief that education is most valuable when it proffers solutions to real-life challenges.

My respect and inclination towards technology drove me to opt for maths, physics and chemistry in my higher secondary education. I am a keen reader of scientific journals, and I love watching TV series on technological developments; the ideas, debates, and discoveries are fascinating. It’s amazing how mankind has expanded understanding of the world we live in. After completing my high school, I pursued a course in Engineering because I knew it would give me the opportunity to learn and explore how the fundamentals of science are applied to create technology for practical and real purposes. My strengths have always been the power of imagination, strong analytical skills and empirical reasoning: which inspired my choice of a discipline that would harness the potentials.

My four-year degree undergraduate course has not only provided me with strong fundamentals but has also encouraged me to acquire more knowledge and continue with research-related activities. I am particularly interested in how Engineering and the application of theoretical ideas to real-life situations have changed the way we live, for example, the advancement in aviation, discovery of new materials with infinite prospects in the areas of technology and medicine, development of clean energy, as well as innovations in artificial intelligence. Having enjoyed real expertise in engineering processes and the theoretical science that lies behind mechanics, I am eager to immerse myself in further academic studies that will maximize my professional skills, expertise and knowledge base. However, before joining the professional world, it is my desire to acquire specialist skills through completing a master’s degree program in Engineering field.

Presently, I am in the final year of my bachelor’s program at Vellore Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu, India, where I currently have a cumulative GPA OF 9.97/10. Some of my educational highlights include an award of excellence for ranking first out of a total 6,000 final year students in the university. I also emerged winner at the zonal round of 1,000 participants at India’s Biggest Networking Competition (IBNC) in 2016. In addition, I was awarded Merit certificate for distinctive performance in National Science Olympiad with a rank of 300 out of 50,000 competitors between May 2008 and April 2010.

It’s true that technological proficiency and creative virtuosity are the internal strengths of an enterprise but another determinant of success in competition, in an uncertain world economy, is possession of excellent management skills. Engineering is a process of formulas and theories, while management is a process of practically applying theories, both working towards a greater end. I have completed relevant coursework on Industrial Engineering & Management, Operations Research, and Project Management. In preparation for the challenges of my professional life, I’ve also obtained some effective course-based training with activities and internships.

I successfully completed undergraduate research projects on the following: Impact of Heating Mode of Sintering Techniques on Aluminium Alloys, Machinability Characteristics in Wet Machining of Aluminium Alloys, Microstructural Evolution of Iron-based Alloy Compacts Produced Through Field-assisted Sintering, Crushing Performance of Different Geometrical Structures of Epoxy Composite Tubes, Free Vibration of Damaged and Undamaged Hybrid CFRP/GFRP Composite Laminates, and Machinability Characteristics in Dry Machining of Nimonic 263 Alloy Using Coated Carbide Inserts. My contributions to the development of science and technology can be found in academic works published on the International Journal of

Mechanical Engineering and Technology. As the President of Student Council at VIT University, among other positions in my portfolio, I have applied effective leadership and management skills through conferences and inter-personal relations aimed at making a meaningful impact in the world we live in.

I have striven to achieve a well-defined career goal and develop my attitude towards technology, curiosity, and proficiency in academic subjects to achieve that goal. The master’s program in Management Science & Engineering will be a major step to span the gap between me and my life dream; that is, a renowned techno-commercial entrepreneur at the world stage, especially in India where there are ample opportunities for development of indigenous technology and availability of trained manpower. In furtherance, the MS program will be an opportunity to work with the guidance of learned and experienced professors and to exchange ideas with like-minded international students, which will equip me with the required skills, knowledge and expertise for a real-world adventure.

I look forward to gaining knowledge and skills in courses such as Concepts of Financial Management, Accounting, Management of Engineering Teams, Financial Engineering and Engineering Project Management while keeping up with the developments in the field of technology. I am self-motivated and have the ability to set and achieve realistic goals. I’ve been inspired by the different applications of cutting-edge mechanical engineering development and would feel very privileged to be close in these through completing a master’s degree at your reputable School of Engineering, which is considered among the world’s best.

Columbia, with its esteemed reputation, exceptional faculty, and advantageous location in the hub of the corporate world, would be the perfect fit for someone with my professional aspirations. The discipline of Management Science and Engineering originated in the USA, and the MS&E program offers the ideal platform to take on yearlong consulting engagements for clients in the industry, which will augment my core skills vis-à-vis the tasks and challenges I will face as a consultant. In addition, your program and research initiatives, an interesting blend of technical and business courses, are squarely in my areas of interest.

I look forward to a positive response from the admission committee.

Sample Statement of Purpose (SoP) for Mechanical Engineering


“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we are curious, and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney.

I am an intelligent student with determination to achieve my career ambitions, having understood that one essential criterion for a fruitful career is quality education. I am a keen reader of scientific journals, and I love watching TV series on technological developments; the ideas, debates, and discoveries are fascinating. It’s amazing how mankind has expanded understanding of the world we live in.

As a child, I always wanted to learn about mechanics. This is why Physics is one of my favorite subjects in college. Out of curiosity, I learned how to repair toys and bicycles. Now I fix my car with confidence because I have acquired the basic knowledge and developed a strong set of personal qualities and aptitudes which I believe will steer me toward my career ambitions. However, before joining the professional world, it is my desire to acquire specialist skills through completing a master’s degree program in Engineering.

I am particularly interested in how Engineering and the application of theoretical ideas to real-life situations have changed the way we live, for example, the advancement in aviation, discovery of new materials with infinite prospects in the areas of technology and medicine, development of clean energy, as well as innovations in artificial intelligence. Having enjoyed real expertise in engineering processes and the theoretical science that lies behind mechanics, I am eager to immerse myself in further academic studies that will maximize my professional skills, expertise and knowledge base.

My quest for quality education hasn’t been without obstacles. I have joggled between academics and part-time jobs to cater for myself and family since leaving Saudi Arabia at the age of 17. While studying for my first degree as a full-time undergraduate student, I took a permanent job to earn a commensurate salary that would lever my financial responsibilities, and this decision greatly affected my GPA.

I am self-motivated and have the ability to set and achieve realistic goals. I’ve been inspired by the different applications of cutting-edge mechanical engineering development and would feel very privileged to be close in these through completing a master’s degree at Grove School of Engineering, City College, which is considered among the best in New York.

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Sample Statement of Purpose for MBA

Studying for an MBA requires strength of character and a certain determination. At a young age, I learned the core attributes of patience, focus and perseverance as the only secret to success. In recent years, I’ve had a successful career not because I’m a genius, but because determination is the driving force of my life and I work very hard towards set goals.

My unique character has passed through a litmus test; I worked as a medical assistant (front desk), sales representative, and currently an account manager. This steady transition and growth can be seen as a core professional achievement from my perspective. I believe the unique blend has broadened my perspective to life and given me a more complex goal to pursue. Although I relish my success in an industry-respected firm, having earned my current position, I am eager to grow in my career by acquiring advanced knowledge.

California State University is my choice for this program because of its policies which are student-focused, and its combination of academic and practical approach to teaching. I am also well informed of the highly respected position the school of business enjoys. Having maintained a good track record of academic success and with the commitment I have always attached to my duties, I believe that I would be of great value to the CSULB’s MBA program.The fact that your university has a reputation for its efficient 48-unit program structure and its curriculum presents an exacting course profile which exposes scholars to the fundamental principles of business and financial operations, presents a higher potential for me to realize my career prospects.

In furtherance, my interest in this graduate program is because of its focus on synergistic and practical business challenges. I believe I will bring an enterprising and motivational approach to collaborative exercises from my past experiences. Obtaining an MBA will present me with a broader understanding of applicable approaches in developing my managerial and research skills which will burgeon my expertise in the field of business administration and global corporate financial service.

For the now, my future career goal is to be availed the opportunity to wangle higher levels in the corporate world. Obtaining an MBA is the perfect platform for this ascent. I’m also highly interested in the knowledge and prestige it bequeaths on the holders.

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Sample Statement of Purpose for Medicine

I started my professional career in 2015 as a Software Engineering Analyst with Accenture Solutions Private Ltd., a reputable software company in Bangalore, India. Two years later, my problem-solving abilities, communication and analytical skills, have improved through dedication to work, ability to learn new skills, excellent interpersonal relationship, and exposure to the principles and practice of management. Having earned my current position as a Function Point Analyst, I now wish to actualize my life dream: to acquire a master’s degree in management from a top-notch Irish institution where I stand to benefit from a multicultural environment, unique faculty, and some amazing graduate programs with affordable costs.

I graduated with a CGPA of 7.68 in Medical Electronics from M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, where I studied management practises, policies, organization growth & development, and the dynamics of organisational behaviour so I consider myself a qualified candidate for a spot in your list of teeming foreign graduate students. I also have a long-term goal of venturing into business operations, information systems management and communication processes to acquaint myself with the required knowledge and practical skills for an effective managerial role.

My choice to study management instead of medical electronics was born of an innate desire for self-discovery. I have interacted with people from different social backgrounds and learned how to break down problems in smaller sub-units, share experience and ideas as well as improve from other’s wealth of knowledge. A successful handling of tickets and users’ queries after a web application is deployed, which remarkably served as my first test at the software company, granted me a great opportunity to apply patience and show understanding while working with people. The exposure, in no small way, broadened my perspective and fortified a passion to harness my natural management skills.

Additionally, an inspiration from my brother-in-law’s managerial acumen exhibited in his ownership and control of an IT firm in the U.S., sparked a burning desire in me to pursue this management program now or never. I know this field of study to be dynamic, all-encompassing and highly profitable; it is valuable in both professional and private spheres of influence.

I have effectively utilized and enhanced my time management and organizational skills in executing some private dancing/choreography events. I have also supervised other cultural events in school, one of which was sponsored by IEEE.

My stints with AT & T as a function point analyst and software engineer, among others, have been a success story. I faced a daunting health challenge in my educational career, but through perseverance and hard work, I found strength in my weakness; an award for the best project research work “Forearm fracture table for closer nailing in adults” was my diadem. This painstaking effort honed my thoroughness and accuracy skills, and as Tommy Lasorda rightly said, “The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man’s determination.

If granted a chance to study in UCD/TCD/UCC/NUI Galway, NUI Maynooth, Dublin city University, Ireland, with guidance from your experienced professors, I will be prepared for the world stage where my managerial and entrepreneurial skills will be effectively utilized in sync with information technology and engineering.

Your institution is therefore, my most preferred destination for a master’s degree program.

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