Sample biography for a Realtor


Chimezie Irobiko is enthusiastic about real estate and has exhibited an independent, entrepreneurial mindset from a tender age. His interest has grown in leaps and bounds since taking up a job with Wardley Real Estate, a fast-growing company with one of the best teams in the industry.

His clients and colleagues see him as persevering, tenacious, fair and honest in dealing with people. He is an embodiment of proven professionalism and has a reputation for successfully executing several tasks for clients in local, international, and multinational settings, offering solid representations in their real estate procurement, lease responsibilities, asset reposition and dispositions.

Representing buyers, sellers and developers in real estate transactions, and rendering an outstanding level of service to clients are Chimezie’s passion. He has built a deep-rooted foundation of corporate customers through his highly effective and productive tenant advisory services. It brings him great joy to help people find a place they can call home because he was an adult before securing her first abode.

No matter your taste; whether you want a quaint vacation home around town or an incomparable luxury residence on the water, he is sure to deliver through his vast knowledge on value, locations, cost, property type, building requirements and zoning.

In addition, Chimezie is a specialist in transaction management, strategic planning, space utilization and financial structuring. He brings into play his expert knowledge in real estate market trends and often exceeds his client’s investment goals while brokering commercial offices, including retail, multifamily and industrial properties. His competence as an experienced business manager with exceptional communication skills proves a vantage point in the intensely competitive industry, a value that most smart clients love to exploit to their benefits.

Prior to his employment at Wardley Real Estate, the budding realtor and full-time estate agent was an accountant for 10 years, and held different positions as a cashier, banker and teacher, among others.

While assuring every client’s satisfaction in estate transactions, he brings dedication, abundant energy, creativity and personal knowledge to walk the talk. Customers are assured an informed and comprehensive detail on every deal, and he guarantees smooth transactions in a way that has become his high-selling point as a passionate and market-savvy professional. This enhances his clients’ dedication and paves way for satisfied repeat clients and referrals.

Chimezie’s love for mankind is evident in his volunteer services at various organizations. His number one hobby revolves around observing humans, building relationships and learning more about individual diversities and uniqueness. He also loves football.