Jokes-Corner: Happy Birthday, Tuyu

Li, a boy from the countryside who just arrived the city for a few weeks holiday, loves it when neighbors celebrate birthdays and share cakes.

The country boy got to attend few of those events with his uncle, and observed that all celebrants bear the same name Tuyu.

Surprised and thrilled with his new finding, he longed for a day when he’d return home and tell his friends about it.

Here’s exactly what happened on his arrival from the city:

Li: Almost everyday is a birthday in the city. So much cake and drinks to enjoy.

Chen: Really? How many birthdays did you attend?

Li: Uncountable just like the entertainments.

Chen: Were they your new friends?

Li: Not really.

Chen: Are they boys or girls? What are they called?

Li: Both. They all have have the same name.

Chen: Impossible! You’re lying.

Li: I swear. They’re all named Tuyu. Although I don’t know them so well, other visitors like me and my uncle always sang, “Happy birthday Tuyu…Happy birthday Tuyu, Happy birthday Tuyu.

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