When a Houseboy discovers his Master’s dirty secret

Guoyang is a houseboy who loved stealing from his master. He pours wine for himself whenever the boss is away, and smartly covers his track by adding water.

One day, the man became suspicious and decided to buy pasties, a French wine which changes color when water is added. Unfortunately, the houseboy didn’t know about this trap.

His boss Qian returned home from work and discovered the color change, so he explained to his wife everything he suspected before then, and how their houseboy fell for it.

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Knowing he was busted, Guoyang panicked for his what he had done, and chose to hide in the kitchen — far away from the sitting room where they’ve always lashed at him for thievery.

“Guoyang! Guoyang! Guoyang!” the boss screamed to summon him for questioning.

“Yes, sir!” he responded loudly.

“Who drank the pasties today?” the man asked in anger. “W-h-o drank the pasties?”

Feeling scared of what was about to follow, Guoyang chose to remain silent and stay back in the kitchen, too.

“Are you deaf? Stupid boy!” the angry boss screamed at him again. “When I ask questions, I expect to get answers immediately or there’ll be another houseboy in heaven this minute.

“Now I ask again for the last time, who drank my pasties?”

The quietly walked into the sitting room and told his boss that he only hears his name while in the kitchen. Then he apologized for making him strain his voice.

“Unbelievable!” the angry boss exclaimed. “This is the dumbest excuse I’ve ever heard in my life.”

The man named decided to go into the kitchen and prove Guoyang wrong.

“I’ll see this mystery solved tonight,” he fumed.

At this point, Qian’s wife named Xing had come out of the bedroom to know what was happening.

“Honey, you’ve been shouting. Is everything alright?” she asked.

“Wait a minute, baby. I’ll be out from the kitchen in a jiffy,” replied the boss.

When he had settled in the kitchen, Guoyang called his master from the sitting room, “Boss!”

The man knew the kitchen wasn’t sound-proof; he responded at just one call and muttered to himself, “I’ll roast this rascal today.”

Guoyang quickly asked his boss to remain in the kitchen and listen more for reconfirmation.

“Who sneaks into the maid’s room when madam isn’t around?” asked the houseboy.

The man felt a shock in his bone marrow but handled it smartly by keeping quiet; he had just realized that his servant could have been a smart kid in school.

Qian came out of the kitchen with balls of sweat dropping all over his body. He felt so humbled, and feared his marriage was on the line. His wife didn’t make it easier either. She screamed at the man, “I can’t believe this is true. Tell me it’s a lie.”

The man corroborated what his servant said earlier. Looking at his wife and caressing the tip of his beard, he explained: “The only truth is that one hears nothing except names once he’s in there.” 

Xing stared at him with a set of eyes that could see through the heart, just before the houseboy suggested that she gets in their for a thrilling experience.

Qian’s wife reluctantly walked into the kitchen. She also responded immediately the houseboy called, “Madam!”

Sadly, she was asked: “Who’s junior’s biological father? Me or the boss?”

The woman covered her face in shame, and suggested that a plumber does something in the kitchen immediately.