Jemma Lucy – I have a very high Sex Drive

In barely a month, all loyal Celebrity Big Brother 2017 fans will get a chance to see Jemma Lucy on Channel 5′s house for a live and direct sex scenes.

The Manchester native says she’s bisexual and proud.

Lucy, best known for her roles on Brat Camp, Signed by Katie Price, and Ex On The Beach, says she wants explosive sex with boys and girls on Celebrity Big Brother.

“I have a charged libido. I have done a lot of things with girls and boys,” she said, according to a report from The Mirror.

“For me, it’s all about sex when I’m with a girl.

“I had a secret relationship with a gorgeous girl last year but I couldn’t form the emotional attachment with her that I have done with boys. It’s just a physical sexual thing,” she added.

“I’m very open about being bisexual. And I’m open to finding someone.”

Image: Jemma Lucy

The glamour model says she’s supercharged for romantic exploits, and will boldly challenge other big girls like Sarah Harding and Jordan Davies for everything that tickles her fancy.

However, she will be kind enough to share, if the famous celebs show her some respect.

Lucy also revealed that she will gladly have sex on live TV if the mood is right.

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She continued: “If I want to have sex on TV, I will.

“If I’m drunk and feel like stripping down and having sex, no-one is going to stop me.”

Jemma Lucy

The outspoken celebrity recently quarreled with Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby after both of them dated Stephen Bear, last year’s Celebrity Big Brother winner.

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Lucy has also clashed with many other stars on social media, and she’s not afraid of anyone. She has sworn to step on toes with her charged sex drive.