CBB Star Chloe Khan Says Bye To Stephen Bear In The Most Amazing Fashion.

Chloe Khan was present at the last Celebrity Big Brother house party, to congratulate winner, Stephen Bear–the guy she had live sex with. Yes, she did. But that was a few days before she was kicked out of the house.

Good news, her buddy won. But sadly, he moved on with a new set of pretty girls that wasn’t Chloe.

Celebrity Big Brother Final 2016 - London

Notwithstanding, the 25-year-old beauty oozed of sex appeal at the event, wearing a high-neck green gown that hid her most-prized possessions.

Mama must be feeling real good here. Chloe was an unusual example of a “bad girl gone good”.

The level of maturity she displayed with her fashion choice got mouths zipped. A lot others had their mouths wide open in awe as she smiled like a fairy angel, walking down the aisle to exchange greetings with Bear.

But that was the Chloe we all know. How quickly people change.

Celebrity Big Brother Final 2016 - London

Image shows Chloe on her way out of the party.

Chloe accessorized her outfit for the day with some diamond encrusted pair of shoes, a bracelet and diamond earrings. Her style was a neck-breaker, no doubts.

The celebrity was leaving famous Borehamwood bungalow [the location of the party], when she turned around to get close to her bestie who was sitting at the front row. Chloe then wrapped her arms around him and they kissed.

That was a sad goodbye. She knew another woman–no, I mean a group of women, would be waiting for Stephen after the party. He’s just 26 after all.

Celebrity Big Brother Final 2016 - London

Image: Chloe Khan

However, excited Bear admits he enjoyed the time he spent with the dauntingly beautiful star.

He gushed while speaking with The Sun“Chloe is the nicest girl that I’ve met in a long time.

“I’d love to see her again.”

Then the young man dropped a bombshell when asked “if she was his girlfriend”.

He replied: “You can’t have a girlfriend in two weeks.”

To set the records straight, whatever they shared on live TV or behind closed doors while the competition lasted, was super cool but sure wasn’t love. They both knew it.