Lesbian UK celebrity Samantha Fox says she struggled to talk about her sexual orientation

Samantha Karen Fox, one of U.K.’s gay celebrities, has revealed that she still finds it difficult to discuss her sexuality with people. She says it’s very difficult identifying herself as a lesbian.

The English dance-pop singer, actress, and songwriter, had a steamy longterm relationship with late Myra Stratton, whose death left an indelible mark on Samantha’s life.

She spoke with a panel of interviewers on Loose Women. During the candid interview session, Sam was quoted as saying:

“I don’t believe in labels.” 

The former Glamour model who posed topless for a British tabloid [The Sun] in 1983, said: “I guess for a long time I was a bit scared. I did feel maybe, I’ve got male fans – and since being a singer I’ve got a lot of female fans too – but I was scared that I’d lose that fanbase.”

Image: Samantha Fox

Samamntha, one of the 80s most photographed women was asked if she can boldly identify herself in public as “gay”.

The former pin-up girl replied: “A little bit, because it is a label, isn’t it. I always believe in love, you can’t help who you fall in love with, but I can’t really see myself ever marrying a guy. 

“I love guys, I work with them all the time. They’re in my band, they’re in my business… I would say the fact I was with Myra for 16 years, and now I’m in love again now with a woman, I guess I would say I prefer to be with a woman, that’s what I can say now.”

The 50-year-old star continues with a piece of advise to women who lack self confidence.

In her words: “Don’t be scared about coming out like I was, and worrying about what people think as love is a great thing, and you’ve got to live life today.”

Image: Samantha Fox

Samantha, who shot to limelight in 1986 with her debut single “Touch Me (I Want Your Body)”– a number one hit in 17 countries, was said to be heartbroken after her former lover, Myra, lost the battle to cancer at the age of 60.

Following Myra’s death last year, Samantha is now dating a Norwegian mother-of-two Linda Birgitte Olsen.

“I’ve now fallen in love with another woman. I met somebody a couple of months ago and I’m very happy. As you get older, life goes so quick.” Sam told an audience [fellow housemates] during her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother last August, according to a report from Hello Magazine confirms.

Image: Samantha Fox