Jay-Z admits therapy helped his marriage to Beyonce

World famous rapper Jay Z says he underwent therapy to confront his fears that fatherhood wouldn’t bring exciting memories, having grown up without a father figure in his life.

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Jay Z and Beyonce

The Empire State of Mind hitmaker recently granted an interview to David Letterman on on ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction,’ where he explained that the birth of his first child was both a surprise and an inspiration.

 “It’s strange that way,” said Jay Z, who is a proud father to three lovely kids: Blue Ivy Carter, Sir Carter and Rumi Carter.

The 48-year-old added that he felt unprepared for parenthood with Beyonce because he didn’t have a role model to look up to, but noted the initial anger he held towards his father was appeased before marriage, after he realized how difficult relationships could be.

His parents Gloria Carter and Adnes Reeves separated while he was a child.

“[There were not] very many examples for us growing up of that,” he said of divorce.

“As a kid I had a bunch of anger towards him [Reeves] but as I grew up I realized that the things he went through in life were very difficult.”

Jay Z quickly waved off the emotional topic to say he feels fulfilled as a father.

“I’m not heartbroken at this point in my life,” the 99 Problems rapper continued. “I wake up, I look around, I look at my kids, they’re healthy…I feel grateful every day.”

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At the event, Jay Z revealed that he and Beyonce inputted “hard work” through therapy to stay married till date. The famous American rapper said he went in search of some “emotional tools” that were, and has been necessary, to keep their marriage together after the ugly childhood experience in an environment where males grow with the slogan: Be a man, stand up, don’t cry.’

In his words: “I want to have the emotional tools that it keeps to keep my family together…We did the hard work of going to therapy…We love each other.”