You Won’t Believe How This Makeup Artist Transforms Herself To Be Anyone.

Lucia Pittalis says she loves music, cinema and theater. She’s a painter and makeup artist from Sardinia.

First video about my makeovers is on YOUTUBE!  Check it out and SHARE it if you like! Enjoy the slideshow and stay rock! 😎

In her self-introductory message, Lucia wrote: “I work in the theater and film industry in Rome.

“Making a fusion of my passion for portraits and makeup, I develop an artistic project consisting in turning myself into characters and celebrities, pushing the contouring techniques to the limit, with no prosthetic appliances.

“Makeovers are pure fun!” She admitted.

Lucia Pittalis continued: “It is so funny to create a character with your own possibilities!

“I buy old stuff like wigs and accessories at markets and study the characters watching photos, movies, videos. Then I put on some background music related to that character so that it put me in the mood and I am ready to watch myself in the mirror for hours.”

I Transform Myself Into Famous People Using Makeup

Image: Lucia Pittalis is pictured top left among her other makeup faces.

Her Majesty the Queen

Scarface – Tony Montana


Don Vito Corleone – The Godfather

First Blood – Rambo

Jim Morrison the poetry

From The Captain Jack Sparrow to Lucia. Makeover In reverse

Tribute to the mighty Bette Davis in “Return from Witch Mountain”

It could work. Dr.Frankenstein – Gene Wilder

Who’s dead? – Jessica Fletcher

You are on a mission from God, Jake! – The Blues Brothers

Lust for Iggy Pop

Paint it black with Keith Richards

Rocky before the match

Rocky after the match

The Dark Lord of the Riffs: Tony Iommi – Black Sabbath

I fussed my passion for portraits and makeup by developing an artistic project consisting of me turning myself into characters and celebrities

Art in motion!

Don’t you think Lucia has an amazing talent, making celebrity transformations look like child’s play.