One Reason To Love The Police.

It’s soul-shaking to see there are very kind police officers out there and everywhere, giving us just one more reason why we should love the police.


The eastern mourning dove is Wisconsin’s official symbol of peace. It’s also Michigan’s state bird of peace.

Recently, in Ohio, the mourning dove was given a much higher status that would make tears stream down one’s eyes. The kindhearted police officers did the unthinkable for the plucky bird notwithstanding that she dared to build a nest on a police car. The officers had a right to turn this feathered felon into a jailbird but they didn’t.

The lucky bird simply got away with it and got more instead. She was given comfort in return for the crime.

They attached an umbrella to the windshield to keep her safe from the elements and they taped off the parking spot so nobody would bother her.

Then realizing that the dove (which they nicknamed Gerty) was probably hungry, the cops even dug up a bunch of worms to keep the expectant mom well nourished.



“We care for all lives, human and animal,” Parma Police spokesperson Kevin Riley told Fox 8 news.

Now would you want to go on hating the police?

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